Katie Piper’s acid attack, Attacker Wiki, bio and Many More Facts


Kate Elizabeth Piper (born 12 October 1983) is an English activist, television presenter and model from Andover, Hampshire.


36 years old


English activist, Television presenter and Model


In March 2008, her ex-boyfriend and partner attacked her with acid, causing serious damage to her face and blindness in one eye. Piper underwent a pioneering surgery to recover his face and vision. Both attackers were sentenced and sentenced to life imprisonment.

Acid striker Katie Piper was summoned to prison after police arrested him for a series of car theft.

Stefan Sylvester is believed to have been summoned to Highpoint prison in Suffolk, where he was released last year after serving nine years of his sentence.

This 31-year-old was jailed in 2009 for throwing acid on the previous model, at the behest of her jealous friend Daniel Lynch.


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