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Adam Harper

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Divers recovered the remains of Adam Harper from the wreckage of the scalloped ship Joanna C Monday night.

The news came when the mother of the other victim revealed that the boat was having trouble when her fishing gear got caught in the pots.

An anomalous wave is believed to have caused the crash in East Sussex early Saturday morning.

But Jackie Woolford, 56, said: “It was not a wave, they fell in love with some pots and they moved the load. Robert tried to untangle it.

“It was a crazy accident that lasted ten seconds. Nobody could do anything.”

His 38-year-old son, in Pembrokeshire, Robert Morley, disappeared yesterday.

But after Jackie was visited at her home by Captain Dave Bickerstaff , who was rescued in the frozen canal after nearly four hours, she said: “He died in the water.”

She added that Dave and Robert clung to a buoy, but their son succumbed to the cold and disappeared.

Adam, 26, was from Brixham, Devon.

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