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Who is Adam Jiang Tien ( Woman arrested on two counts of murder) Wiki, Bio, Age, Incident details, Arrest, Investigation and More Facts

Adam Jiang Tien

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A woman Adam Jiang Tien was arrested for attempted murder after stabbing her ex-girlfriend and new partner and then trying to set fire to her home.

Adam Jiang Tien has faced multiple charges of attempted murder

KUTV reports that 27-year-old Adam Jiang Tien has faced multiple charges of attempted murder and aggravated arson after allegedly stabbing his ex-girlfriend and his ex’s new partner in a residence in Utah. A woman called police from a house in Draper on Sunday, according to an affidavit on the news broadcaster, and said her partner’s ex-girlfriend, Tien, stabbed the two women with a knife. The women also reportedly believed Tien tried to set the house on fire with a blowtorch, which set off the smoke alarm.

The police officers who replied showed up at the residence where Tien and the two victims lived and found Tien with a knife in hand. The suspect reportedly cooperated when officers ordered him to drop the gun. The police also found the walls and floors of the house covered in blood.

The victims were taken to the Intermountain Medical Center and are expected to survive.

After receiving treatment for superficial injuries, Tien was held in the Salt Lake County Jail, according to KUTV.

Tien reportedly told medical staff at the hospital where she was being treated that she and her friend recently moved to Utah to be closer to an “online friend”. But after the couple moved, Tien’s girlfriend reportedly had a romantic relationship with this boyfriend. Tien claimed his ex-girlfriend asked for rent and then broke up with her.

According to a sworn affidavit received from KUTV, Tien told police that earlier that day she ate some edible marijuana and came up with a plan to kill his girlfriend and new partner.