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Who is Adam Pawlowski ( Man in court after being charged with crashing BMW into police station ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Incident details, Arrest, Investigation and More Facts

Adam Pawlowski

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A MAN Adam Pawlowski appeared in court today after a car crashed into a north London police station before flammable liquid was set alight in the street.

Adam Pawlowski Age

Adam Pawlowski, 45, was arrested on charges of attempted arson for endangering life, dangerous driving and damage to criminal property over £ 5,000.

He is accused of driving a BMW into the front door of the Edmonton police station, smashing the window, then firing a cartridge from behind Wednesday night and pouring gasoline on the street.

The street ignites during CCTV before the man in the video is pulled over by a member of the public as police arrive to arrest him.

Pavlovsky has been charged with criminal prejudice

Pavlovsky has been charged with criminal prejudice after the glass doors of the police store were smashed for more than £ 5,000.

Prosecutor Zahid Hussain told Highbury Corner Magistrates’ Court today that Pavlovsky crashed into the station shortly after 7 p.m. before attempting to reverse.

He said: “In the footage, the rear wheel appeared to be spinning violently and smoke was being emitted.

“Then he gets out of the vehicle, goes to the back of the vehicle he was driving and goes to get a tank of fuel.

“He’s filling up with gas outside the Edmonton police station and zigzagging down the street near the Edmonton police station.

“Then he ignites the fuel, which is then ignited. This is filmed by a passing audience. ”

The police were taken to the place where they arrested the man.

He was formally questioned by police before being charged.

The prosecutor said that if found guilty, Pavlovsky would consider a “substantial prison sentence” and be denied bail.