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Adonas Hicks

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An Ohio man risked his life in prison after “raping a woman on the way home and two transgender women at gunpoint”.

Adonas Hicks, 30, has been charged with rape, robbery, assault and kidnapping, Hamilton District Attorney Joseph Deters said Friday.

If found guilty at any cost, he faces a life sentence.

According to Deters, Hicks is said to have raped his first victim on the way home in September 2020.

He is accused of approaching the woman and taking her to a remote area where she was allegedly raped under threat of guns.

The 30-year-old met his second and third victims online and both victims were transgender, the prosecutor said.

In early November, Hicks allegedly rape his second victim again at gunpoint in Mount Airy, North Carolina.

The third alleged attack came days after the second and always followed the same pattern his victim was holding at gunpoint when he raped her, according to Deters.

Deters said, “The circumstances and victims in these cases vary, but the M.O. from Hicks. It stays the same.

“Every time these victims were raped with guns when they were in a vulnerable situation. We are concerned that there are more victims and we ask anyone who has been a victim of Hicks to call Dana Jones, a personal crime detective with the Cincinnati Police Department, at 513-352-6474. “”

Prosecutors are still investigating to determine the extent of the victim.

Prosecutor Amy Clausing said

“Obviously, if you address people for a reason, we are concerned. Any similarity between cases is important to us.”

Deters said Hicks could have hoped his victims didn’t go to the police.

Miles said: Try to avoid going anywhere alone. It’s probably number one. Climb onto the ground. Get familiar with things that you can use and that you can use when you need to. “”

Hicks is now being held in Hamilton County Jail on $ 750,000 bail.