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Who is Adrien Lipscomb ( Father charged for misdemeanor in the incident after kid Accidentally shot by brother ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Family, Incident details, Information and More Facts

Adrien Lipscomb

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After blaming his grandmother and then his brother, the boy admitted to accidentally firing a gun without a key, prosecutors said.

First, the 13-year-old boy said in the presence of police that his grandmother shot his younger brother, who was watching them both while the children’s parents were out.

He then turned an accusing finger at his 5-year-old sister.

The boy confessed that he eventually accidentally shot his 9-year-old brother Ashton Lipscomb in the head on October 7 while playing with his father’s legally owned guns in a family duplex in Chicago, according to US prosecutors. . Cook County. Chicago Sun-Times.

Adrien Lipscomb Charged

The children’s father, Adrien Lipscomb, 38, was rescued Wednesday in personal gratitude after being charged with a misdemeanor in the incident, the Chicago Tribune said.

“This is a deeply tragic and heartbreaking case,” Judge Mary C. Marubio said during a guarantee hearing posted on YouTube. “There is profound negligence associated with this crime, but it is certainly not a serious crime suffered by Mr. Lipscomb.”

Lipscomb worked on the investigation, has no criminal record, and surrendered, said attorney Andrew Gable, who aided in his father’s release.

It was not immediately clear whether he had invoked the matter. Lipscomb will go back to trial next week.

Prosecutors said Lipscomb left the home to take his wife to the hospital and left two guns open while the children were in the care of their grandmother, WBBM radio said.

Officials responded at 1:45 p.m. and found the victim’s top unit in a tank of blood. The boy was later pronounced dead at the hospital.

The grandmother was downstairs, she told officers and saw the shooting. When her father returned to search for investigators at the scene, she heard a 13-year-old boy accuse her of the incident, prosecutors said.

Officers found two pistols and a rifle under the bed near the children. Later, the boys’ younger sister told investigators that the older boy found both guns and his brothers were playing with them when one of them accidentally exploded, the deputy prosecutor said Wednesday. Jocelyn Schieve in court afterwards. Grandstand.

Lipscomb was initially charged with two small vulnerability charges, but prosecutors dismissed the second charge in court.

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