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Who was Aimee Purdey ( Female bouncer, 21, found dead in hotel room ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Crime, Incident details, Investigations and More Facts

Aimee Purdey

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Two years after his ex-girlfriend was brutally attacked by a gang, a porter was found hanged in a hotel room.

The tragic Aimee Purdey, 21, suffered from depression and anxiety when she texted her partner with the words “I’m sorry”.

She was found dead in a Manchester hotel at the end of March last year.

Her death came two years after sustaining severe bruising from a savage “joyous slap” from a gang of girls who was not cited as a factor in her death in court.

Aimee, then 18, was brought in to find her at her home by former Simone McDermott, but was ambushed by the bully and her three friends.

The teenager begged “let me go, please let me go” as she was repeatedly punched as the animals threatened to “smash” her face.

Aimee had several bruises on her head and body, including a footprint.

McDermott and his friends Melissa Marriott, Siobhan Wait and Victoria Houghton have escaped jail after admitting to having committed a robbery.

The investigation did not mention the attack, but it was suggested that Aimee suffered from severe mental health issues and attempted suicide.

She has previously spoken about the impact of the attack on her, including how she thought the girls would kill her.

Aimee said at the time: “I started taking my purchases home and I’m not sure if I should go to the stores because I might run into Simone McDermott and her friends.” I didn’t think they would regret what they had done.

“I couldn’t work or do anything, and I didn’t feel safe or confident to do it. The attack made me paranoid about relationships. When my friends go out with me I think it hurts and I take anxiety medication.

“ The feeling of being attacked by someone I cared about and thought I could take care of had really betrayed me. He was so desperate he couldn’t sleep. I am frustrated to be the victim of this girl. I don’t want to feel weak with this feeling about myself.

“It affected everything in my life and I think about the attack every day. It’s the first thing I think about when I wake up and fall asleep, I dream of being attacked and having things stolen from me.

At the hearing, Aimee was reportedly in Manchester with friends one night when she returned to her hotel room on her own at around 5.15am.

Her friend called the police after receiving the “I’m sorry” message, but when the police arrived, Aimee had tragically passed away.

The inquest was informed that he had threatened to kill himself and had “problems” with thoughts of suicide and self-harm.

He had also received medication through the Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust and was due to see a psychiatrist last June.

Her father, David Purdey, said: “At the time of her death I felt that Aimee was moving on in her life and that she loved her job and was considering going back to college for a hairdressing course.

“She looked happy and her depression was at bay. I wish you knew about Aimee’s other attempt to end her life.

Her mother, Jennifer Purdey, added: “She had relationship problems in September 2019 and it caused her great concern. In my opinion, it was probably a cry for help.”

Medical assistant Fiona Borrill recorded a narrative judgment because she couldn’t be sure Aimee was planning to kill herself.

She said: “It seems Aimee was an impulsive person and I think it’s possible that she expected to be discovered.

“She was a young woman who clearly had a lot to go through and had plans for the future, and it’s desperately sad that her life ended like this.”