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Akayed Ullah

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A federal judge has upheld a Manhattan jury conviction of a Bangladeshi immigrant for setting off a bomb in a crowded subway tunnel in Times Square.

Akayed Ullah attorneys, 30, challenged the 2018 guilty verdict on a variety of grounds, including allegations that her client was not acting on behalf of ISIS when he detonated the gross explosive did not harm him.

However, Judge Richard Sullivan, who led the federal trial in Manhattan before being promoted to the appeals court, denied the motion.

Evidence Shows?

“The recorded evidence … broadly shows that the defendant acted under the direction of ISIS after hearing calls for propaganda and recruiting materials from the organization,” Sullivan wrote of The December 11th failed terrorist attack 2017 in the pedestrian tunnel during the morning rush hour.

Perhaps more importantly, the defendant told the police that he carried out the attack “for ISIS”.

The verdict finds that authorities have restored several ISIS propaganda videos from Ullah’s computer.

During the week-long trial, Ullah’s lawyers admitted detonating the self-made device attached to his body but claimed it was suicide, not the travelers.

The jury heard that the taxi driver-turned-electrician protested US policies that he said had harmed Muslims.

Ullah, whose sentence remains pending due to the pandemic, risks a mandatory minimum of 30 years and a maximum of life.

He has been convicted on six counts, including material aid to a foreign terrorist organization, the use of a weapon of mass destruction and the bombing of a public place.

His lawyer Amy Gallicchio declined to comment.