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Who is Alek Minassian ( S*xually frustrated Incel virgin who killed 10 ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Crime, Incident details, Investigations and More Facts

Alek Minassian

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The incel virgin, who killed 10 people with a pickup truck in Toronto, has been convicted after trying to blame the riot on her autism.

In 2018, 28-year-old Alek Minassian deliberately hit pedestrians on a sidewalk in an unnecessary attack that shocked the world.

The tech student, who identified himself as “Intel” which means “involuntary celibacy,” was today convicted of ten first degree murders.

He was also convicted of 16 other attempted murders.

During the trial, his defense team argued that he was not criminally responsible for the murders because he was autistic.

Dr. Scott Woodside, however, a psychiatrist who testified for law enforcement, said the attacker knew what he was doing was morally wrong, reports the Toronto Sun.

He said Minassian was able to cast negative thoughts on his victims, such as pedophiles, when they mistreated minors.

Dr. Woodside said ?

“In this case, his decision was not based on arguments but on something he wanted to do, right or wrong.”

Comparing the abuser to a sex offender, he said, “You work very actively to get these thoughts out of your mind.

“They remain aware that what they are doing can have negative effects on others.”

The killer’s state of mind was the only issue with the trial, as Minassian admitted he planned and executed the fatal rampage.

His advocates argued that his autism meant he lacked empathy and couldn’t understand the harm it was going to cause.

The court heard Minassian feel “empty” while driving and “concentrate on not crashing the car” during the attack.

He changed his mind at the scene of the attack when he saw “enough” people on a busy Toronto street corner, the court said.

The expert said Minassian expected to kill 100 people and expected a “high score” but was happy with 10.

According to the killer’s LinkedIn profile, he was a student at Seneca College and a software developer in Richmond Hill, a suburb of Toronto.

Joseph Pham, 25, who was taking a computer class with Minassian in Seneca, described him as “socially awkward”.

At the time of the attack, he said: “He was held to himself. He didn’t really speak to anyone. ”

Another classmate said he suffered from “significant social or intellectual disabilities” and multiple physical ticks, including handshakes and nods.

Ahead of the hype, Minassian wrote a Facebook post praising “Supreme Knight Elliot Rodger,” CBC reports.

A highly respected figure on Incel’s online forums, Rodger, 22, was responsible for a fatal rampage in Isla Vista, Calif. That killed six people and injured a dozen others in 2014.