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Who was Alex Rodda ( Farmer’s son battered lover to death over £2k blackmail plot ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Incident details, Death Cause, Arrest, Investigation and More Facts

Alex Rodda

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A farmer’s son Matthew Mason has beaten his 15-year-old lover Alex Rodda to death for extorting £ 2,000 to expose their sexual relationship, a court ruled today.

Matthew Mason allegedly took Alex Rodda to a sleepy Cheshire village

Matthew Mason allegedly took Alex Rodda to a sleepy Cheshire village in a forest under the pretext of sexual activity.

There the 19-year-old murdered him “in cold blood” with a long wrench to hit him repeatedly, it was said.

Alex was later found partially dressed by garbage collectors on December 13 last year after he went missing.

Chester Crown Court overheard the couple “having intimate sex” today, but Alex “threatened” to post explicit photos and videos that Mason allegedly sent him.

On November 23, Mason paid Alex £ 2020, the jury said.

Prosecutor Ian Unsworth QC opened the case saying, “For reasons that you can draw from this relationship, the defendant took Alex to a secluded woodland area near Ashley, not far from Bowdon, Cheshire.

“There the accused struck Alex several times on the head and body with a long, heavy wrench.

“I was not lucky”

“The attack was brutal and ruthless. The general pattern of injuries suggested another violent attack with this key, which would have dealt at least 15 distinct severe blows.

“Alex was unlucky. His life ended in these woods.

“His partially dressed and abandoned young body was discovered the next morning by a team of garbage collectors.

“The case for the prosecution is that Matthew Mason took Alexander Rodda into the woods under the pretext of sexual activity and then murdered him in cold blood.”

The judges heard Alex being openly gay and attended Holmes Chapel School.

It has been said that he had known Mason “for a few months” before he died.


Mason now had a friend of about two years who had been contacted by Alex on November 3rd.

The text read: “I thought I should let you know that Matt had been trying to text me for 2-3 weeks to tell me that he had come to my house in his car last week to meet me but I told him. said my dad wouldn’t let me do it. “so I didn’t meet him.

“I told him it had to stop but I just thought I would let you know before he made a fucking head nod and I didn’t know he was with you until I wanted to.” follow on Instagram. “v

Alex also said Mason was “naughty,” claiming he sent him a photo of his private life and an explicit video, the jury said.

The court heard Mason refuse to ship the items while making payments to Alex’s bank account.

Alex had told a friend that Mason would pay him for sex and that he would report him to the police if he stopped, they said.

Mr Unsworth said: “The news that has been reinstated shows that over time the defendant complained that the payments were cleaning him up.”

Mason of Knutsford denies the murder.

The process continues.

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