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Alexander Boy

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  • Alexander Boy, 25, is being held in his Exeter apartment after a violent attack on his girlfriend
  • Emma Parkinson called the police during the attack and used a special emergency code
  • The system allows victims to press 55 if they cannot speak to the police officer
  • The boy has been in prison for 16 months and received a restraining order

An abusive friend was arrested after his frightened partner used a special code on a 999 call to alert police that he was under attack.

Alexander Boy injured victim Emma Parkinson’s face and head in the drunken attack on her home in Exeter, Devon.

He used a special installation of the 999 system to alert the police without realizing what he was doing.

She used code 55 to indicate that she was disturbed but could not speak.

Police arrested Boy when he escaped from the apartment and found Ms. Parkinson injured in her bedroom

Code 55 was introduced to allow 999 call managers to distinguish between annoying calls and calls from victims of violence who are too afraid to speak.

Boy has already been sentenced to probation for two previous attacks on Miss Parkinson, one while fighting at a Chagford hotel where she was armed with a Viking sword.

They had resumed their unstable relationship, but on the night of the last attack he had been drinking and deliberately prevented her from sleeping.

He woke her up and sat at the foot of the bed at 4am and played loud music on her cell phone.

He got violent when she threw him out of bed, threw her on the floor and then kicked him in the face.

Alexander Boy admitted crime

The 25-year-old boy, a hotel worker from Keswick, Cumbria, admitted to the attack and was jailed by Judge Timothy Rose at Exeter Crown Court for a total of 16 months.

It also issued a seven-year injunction prohibiting further contact with Ms. Parkinson.

He told her, “You have a very worrying inability to control yourself over domestic violence.

This attack happened while he was under the influence of alcohol, which made him worse rather than better.

This time, you clearly responded with a prolonged attack where you punched and kicked him.

“Regardless of where the incident began, there was no element of self-defense.”

Mr. Nigel Wraith, the prosecutor, said Boy came home late from work on September 13 this year, drank heavily and went out twice to buy more alcohol.

She said: “The boy became more aggressive and she was afraid of previous experiences with his violence.

He dialed 999 and 55 to indicate he could not speak but needed help just before 4am.

He continued his behavior and she kicked him, frustrated that he wouldn’t let her sleep.

He fell from the bed to the floor, jumped back, climbed on top of her and hit her on the head.

Mr. Wraith said she landed on the floor and Boy kicked her in the face and hit her in the back of the head about five times. He had bruises on his nose, jaw and ears, but no fractures.

She made an impact statement on the victim, saying she is being treated for depression and is ashamed to ignore advice from friends who warn her not to re-enter the relationship.

Ms. Rachel Smith, who defended herself, said the probation service, which began after Boy’s previous conviction in May, has not yet had time to take effect.

He said the relationship had been unstable for both sides and he went to the hospital ten days before the accident with a suspected fractured rib.