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Who was Alexis Sharkey ( Sanitation worker describes finding dead influencer Alexis Sharkey’s body ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Incident details, Death Cause, Arrest, Investigation and More Facts

Alexis Sharkey

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Alexis Sharkey, the Houston influencer’s naked body found by the roadside was initially mistaken for a possible dummy, according to one of the plumbing workers who made the gruesome discovery.


John Richardson City’s plumbing division

John Richardson, who works for the city’s plumbing division, said he received a disturbing call from a colleague driving a garbage truck about 3 miles from Alexis Sharkey’s, 26, KHOU press release.

“He said he thought he saw a dead body or a mannequin. He wasn’t sure, ”said Richardson

“He didn’t want to stop because he was scared or whatever, so he asked me to check it out.”

Richardson said he met his colleague and came together to review.

“When we drove we could see the feet,” said Richard.

“We got out and looked, and it was there. She was lying dead with no clothes.

Richardson said he didn’t know the body was the missing influencer who disappeared on Thanksgiving weekend after getting into an argument with her husband Tom Sharkey.

“I just called and called 911,” he says.

He said he was haunted by the cruel scene over a week later.

“It’s in my head. It comes back to me every day, ”said Richardson.

In Sharkey’s case, no cause of death was identified, but her family said they believed it was “an absolutely disloyal act”.

“The way she was found – my child would never do that to herself,” her mother Stacey Robinault told the KPRC news channel.

“It doesn’t even make sense. It’s absolutely bad game.

It is not known if anyone is interested in this matter.

Sharkey’s husband denied any breakdown in the marriage, claiming he was cooperating with detectives.

He said he was confident the Houston Police Department “would find everyone involved”.

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