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Why Alison Parker’s murder Videos still circulating on YouTube? Alison Parker Biography, Age, Gunned Down on 26 August 2015, Video recorded on GoPro, Murder Video still circulating on Youtube and More Interesting Facts Need to Know

Alison Parker

Alison Parker Short Biography – Wiki

The father of Alison Parker, a television reporter who was murdered on a live broadcast in 2015, killed YouTube for sick videos that continue to be distributed on the video-sharing site.

Alison Parker- Age

She was 24 years old.

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Alison Parker- Gunned Down on 26 August 2015

On August 26, 2015, Alison Parker (24) and cameraman Adam Ward (27) were gunned down by Vester Lee Flanagan, 41, during a live interview in Moneta, Virginia. Flanagan, a former angry journalist who also bore the name of Bryce Williams, later died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Alison Parker- Shooting Recorded on GoPro

The shooter recorded the shooting on a GoPro he was carrying, and the footage quickly spread to social media. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube were asked to quickly delete the videos.

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Alison Parker- Murder Videos Still Circulating on Youtube

However, Parker’s father Andy Parker told the Washington Post that videos of the murder are still circulating on YouTube, which is owned by Google. “We are reporting all of this,” he said. “Nothing goes down. It’s crazy. I can’t tolerate them enjoying my daughter’s murder, and that’s exactly what they’re doing.”