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Amber Breeana Luke

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Instagram model who transformed herself into dragon girl is behind bar after admitting to drug trafficking

Amber Breeana Luke has pleaded guilty to various drug charges, including human trafficking

The heavily tattooed 25-year-old has more than 50,000 Instagram followers.

She was released on bail on Wednesday to appear in court in Brisbane on February 17.

A heavily tattooed ‘Dragon Girl’ Instagram model who even has blue eyes has pleaded guilty to ‘very serious’ drug trafficking.

Amber Breeana Luke, 25, appeared in Brisbane district court on Wednesday for a conviction. However, his attorney asked for a delay in providing further information to the court.

Luke, who calls himself “Blue Eyes White Dragon” online, has more than 50,000 followers on Instagram, where he often poses to show off his ink.

Her mother helped her in court when she pleaded guilty to seven counts.

The allegations include trafficking, supplying and possessing dangerous drugs and obtaining property through drug trafficking or supply, The Courier Mail reports.

Luke spent $ 50,000 in 10 years, ages 16 and up, on nearly 600 tattoos, including injecting blue ink into her eyeballs during a harrowing 40-minute procedure that left her blind for three weeks.

She spent another $ 70,000 on extreme body modifications, including tongue splitting, breast augmentation, lip and cheek filling, pointy ear implants, and a Brazilian butt lift.

Luca also has numerous piercings and his teeth have been sharpened into fangs.

Prosecutors have requested that she be detained pending further information, as she risks being sentenced to prison for a “very serious and very serious” crime of trafficking in human beings.

Judge Paul Smith maintained her bond until she reappeared on February 17. However, he claimed to fulfill the above conditions.

Her attorney said the current mental health report did not “adequately” address her client’s situation, which includes entrenched mental health issues, including hospitalization for schizophrenia.

Judge Smith agreed to await the new report and said it would be helpful to train a psychiatrist after his conviction.

Luke has been open about her mental health issues on social media and credits her transformation with helping her be more positive.

She was released on bail because she lives with her mother and does not use drugs.