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Who was involved in the Murder of Amie Harwick? Amie Harwick Biography, Age, Books, Gareth Persehaus Arrested, Police Investigations, Gareth Persehaus Profession and More Facts to Know

Amie Harwick

Amie Harwick Biography – Wiki

Former Playboy model Amie Harwick, who was once engaged to comedian Drew Carey, died in a collision with an ex-boyfriend, reports LAPD.

Amie Harwick- Age

She was 38 years old.

Amie Harwick- Murderer accused Gareth Persehaus Arrested

Police arrested 41-year-old Gareth Persehaus on suspicion of murder after  Harvik was seriously injured on the ground under a balcony on the third floor of his house in the Hollywood Hills early Saturday. She later died in a hospital.

Harvik, 38, recently “expressed fear” about the 6-foot, 4-inch Wallet, but authorities said the restraining order she received against him has expired.

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Amie Harwick- Roommate Told Police

A police statement said Harvick, a roommate, told police that Purcellhouse had burst in and attacked her. The roommate jumped on the wall to run away and run for help, and when the police arrived at the house, they found Harvik.

Amie Harwick- Signs of Forced Entry

“The investigation revealed possible signs of a fight at the top, as well as forced entry into the residence,” the LAPD said. “An investigation in the region found new evidence of the presence of a (suspicious) intruder on the property and his departure after the murder.”

Amie Harwick- Author of New S*xual Bible for Women

Harvik was the author of The New S*xual Bible for Women and appeared in the documentary film Addiction to S*xting. They say that she and the owner of The Price Is Right Carey got engaged in 2018, but soon broke up.

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Amie Harwick- Murderer Gareth Persehaus Profession

Pursehouse, who works in the computer industry, was detained in place of a $ 2 million bond pending trial.

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