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Who is Anastasia Skorychenko ( Mum stabs newborn baby 22 times to death with scissors ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Crime, Incident details, Investigations and More Facts

Anastasia Skorychenko

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The 30-year-old confessed to the crime while in prison. She was sentenced to two years in prison for crime.

Anastasia Skorychenko is said to have stabbed the newborn with the tool 22 times after it was born on her balcony. She appeared in a court in Mykolaiv, southern Ukraine, last week.

Skorychenko reportedly explained his actions by saying that “the child was not wanted” and “he could not afford it”.

Skorychenko, who kept her third pregnancy a secret, gave birth at home.

She went into labor at night when her two daughters 7 and 4 and her grandmother slept.

Without wanting to wake her, Skorychenko went to the balcony, where she sat on a plastic container and gave birth to a healthy baby.

The woman used nail scissors to cut the umbilical cord, the court said.

Then she pressed her left hand against the baby’s face to keep the baby from crying and began stabbing him with the scissors she held in her right hand, as court documents show.

A prosecutor said during the verdict, “The mother inflicted 22 stab wounds and stab wounds on the child’s neck, chest, abdomen and limbs.

“Shortly before the boy’s death, injuries of varying severity were inflicted.”

When the boy’s body went limp, Skorychenko put it in a plastic bag, took it outside, and dumped it in a trash can near his home, investigators said.

The next morning, the newborn’s mutilated body was seen by a local resident who called an ambulance and called the police.

Skorychenko confessed to the murder during a police check and was arrested several hours after the body was discovered.

Forensics said she gave birth to a healthy full-time baby who died of terrible injuries after the attack.

The woman did not want the baby and believed that her third child would worsen the financial situation of her family, heard the Zavodskoy District Court.

The mother did not suffer from any mental illness or postpartum depression and, according to tests, planned the crime in advance.

On January 5, Anastasia Skorychenko was charged with the willful murder of her son.

The judges took into account the mother’s admission of guilt and, according to local media, softened her decision.

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