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Who was Andrew Hamish Davidson ( Pilot dad and mum killed in horror helicopter crash ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Incident details, Death Cause, Family, Investigation and More Facts

Andrew Hamish Davidson

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A pilot Andrew Hamish Davidson and his wife died in a horror helicopter crash when their children were pulled alive from the rubble.

The plane got out of control and crashed on a rocky beach near the Kekerengu River in northeastern New Zealand.

The pilot was taking his family to lunch when the incident occurred at around 12:40 p.m. on Tuesday.

A family member confirmed that pilot Andrew Hamish Davidson and his wife Lin were killed, Stuff reports.

Her two young children and a third child survived the crash but were seriously injured.

The three children were airlifted to Wellington Hospital for treatment.

One parent said: “It is such a shock … the children are left without parents.”

“What a shock”

The group is believed to have visited the store, a popular restaurant in Kekerengu, for lunch.

Witnesses say the helicopter encountered problems while trying to land.

First responders demolished the front window to free survivors fearing it could catch fire.

Davidson, who was managing director of Enatel Motive Power according to his LinkedIn profile, founded helicopter rental company Glenloch Helicopters Limited on September 28.

The Eurocopter EC120 B was transferred to its name on October 10, 2020.

The couple also ran a bed and breakfast in their lifestyle division in Ohoka, North Canterbury.

The Transport Accident Investigation Commission (TAIC) opened an investigation into the accident.

The commission said the circumstances reported so far were that the Airbus EC120 helicopter was leaving Christchurch with five people on board when it lost control near the beach.

Ian Mehrtens, a resident of Kekerengu, said when he first spotted the helicopter from its flag, it looked like it was coming ashore.

“It all happened so fast… it looked normal and then it started to spin,” he says.

“It got out of hand so quickly.”

Mehrtens rushed to the scene across the street on a quad bike and said about four or five members of the public were already there.


The front window was removed to free the survivors of the crash.

Mr Mehrtens said he pulled a young girl out of the rubble.

The other rescued children were a young boy and another girl, possibly teenagers.

“You couldn’t do anything other than get them [the passengers] out of there,” he said.

“Mainly because there is a chance that [the helicopter] could catch fire.

“We were lucky that a great man helped us out there. He could reach the passengers and pack his bags. ”

Another witness said the crash happened “out of the blue” and “horrible, just horrible,” reports the New Zealand Herald.

The helicopter was just at sea at low tide at the time.

A tractor pulled the helicopter out of the water, Mehrtens said.

He said emergency services arrived “fairly quickly” but the first response came from local farmers.

A TAIC investigation team is to be on site Wednesday.

Senior accident investigator Harald Hendel said: “Your first job is to inspect the rubble, map the location and speak to witnesses. Other evidence to be gathered in the weeks and months to come will likely include examining the helicopter’s components, searching for data recorded from the helicopter’s electronics, and obtaining records of the helicopter. maintenance. “

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