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Who was Andrew Lloyd ( Killer who murdered girlfriend 13-month old son, After four week he found dead in prison ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Crime, Details, Investigations and More Facts

Andrew Lloyd

Andrew Lloyd Biography                                             Andrew Lloyd Wiki

  • Andrew Lloyd killed Aaron Gilbert, one after four weeks of abuse, in 2005
  • The killer was found dead in custody on Thursday on a life sentence
  • At this point, the jury heard her yell at him and grab his ears.
  • It is also said that he threw bottles at her and blew cannabis smoke on her face.
  • Aaron’s mother, Rebecca Lewis, was sentenced to seven years in prison for family murder

The murderer of a 13-month old boy who is serving a life sentence for his evil deeds has died behind bars.

Andrew Lloyd killed Aaron Gilbert, 13-month-old son of his friend Rebecca Lewis, after subjecting him to a four-week catalog of brutality in Swansea in 2005.

The prison service confirmed that he died while serving in prison at the age of 37.

A spokeswoman said: “Andrew Lloyd, inmate at HMP Full Sutton, died in custody on November 19th. It is reported to be the Ombudsman for Prisons and Parole”.

A Swansea Crown Court jury found Lewis guilty of failing to protect his son from Lloyd, a violent drug addict and drug addict, at their home on Gwylfa Road in Townhill.

Lloyd brutally attacked the baby when he was alone with him on May 5, 2005.

He lost his temper and shook Aaron violently, causing him to hit his head against a wall.

Lloyd killed 13-month-old Aaron Gilbert after subjecting him to a four-week catalog of brutality.

Mama Lewis had left Aaron with Lloyd while he was shopping, even though she knew she had attacked him during weeks of abuse.

After Aaron died in the hospital the next day, a pathologist discovered a serious brain injury and nearly 50 external injuries.

Lloyd, then 23, was sentenced in December 2006, along with Aaron’s then 21-year-old mother Lewis, in front of the Swansea Crown Court.

They gave him at least 24 years in prison, which means he would have been 47 if he’d served his full sentence.

Lewis was sentenced to seven years in prison for family murder and attempting to falsify the legal process in what was then a legal milestone.

He was one of the first people in Wales and England to be charged with family murder.

At that time, Swansea Crown Court learned that Lewis and Lloyd’s relationship began in late March 2005.

After Lloyd moved in with Lewis, he developed a hatred for little Aaron. The jury heard him yelling at him, grabbing his ears, throwing bottles and rocking him by the ankles “like someone swinging a cat by the tail,” the jury heard. covered with a blanket as if to choke them and blow cannabis smoke on the expensive ones.

There was also evidence that Lloyd bit his cheek five days before Aaron’s death.

Aaron was so disfigured that he had been systematically and forcibly attacked that a neighbor compared his appearance to that of the elephant man.

Judge Langstaff, who sentenced Judge Lloyd, said at the time: “You killed Aaron after exposing him to a huge catalog of brutality in the last four weeks of his life.

I think his behavior during those four weeks is really inextricably linked with what he did on the day he inflicted the fatal wound.

In 2007, Lloyd’s case was brought before the London Court of Appeals after he challenged his minimum sentence of 24 years.

His attorneys argued that the verdict did not take sufficient account of his youth and troubled personal history.

But Lord Justice Gage said medical professionals noticed 50 different wounds on Aaron’s body after his death in May 2005.

The wounds covered his tiny body “from head to toe”.

He said Lloyd inflicted “significant and extreme abuse” and without his youth and history of confusion, a 30-year rate could have been imposed.

“It was a terrible deal,” he concluded at the time, dismissing Lloyd’s appeal.

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