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Who is Andrew Wandsworth ( Ex-boyfriend admitted to murder his Girlfriend ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Crime, Details, Investigations and More Facts

Andrew Wandsworth

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Andrew Wandsworth admits killing Melissa Belshaw but denies killing her. Text messages sent between the couple were read to the jury today at Manchester Crown Court.

A woman admitted she had a “sugar daddy” before she was killed by her former partner.

Andrew Wadsworth, 37, admits killing Melissa Belshaw, 32, but denies killing her.

A court heard that incarcerated former fighter Wadsworth “lost control” before the fatal attack on May 20 this year after hearing “shocking” revelations about her sex life, the Manchester Evening News reported.

The jury learned that Ms. Belshaw died after multiple stab wounds to the heart, neck and chest in what prosecutors called a “merciless” attack.

Manchester Crown Court learned of a series of messages sent in September last year accusing Belshaw of being a prostitute.

“You’re a prostitute, you know that and you fuck a lot of people,” she says in the text.

She replied, “Ha ha ha, I’m selling my body, you’re fucking crazy.”

The judges also learned of the messages transmitted in the days leading up to Ms. Belshaw’s death.

On May 15 he told Wadsworth: “I have loved you and will always be on my mind.

“You’re my boyfriend. I promise you I’ve never slept on my back.”

In another message she said: “Andrew, I only had a good father, he was all I had before I saw you.

“And that’s it. The truth has already come out. Boom.”

He added: “He sends me money every Monday in advance.

“And I see him once a week for two hours.”

Wadsworth replied, “I’ll never tell anyone, I’m not like that, you know.”

“I can’t believe you’re fucking him.

The jury was told that the defendant was released two months before the incident at Ms. Belshaw’s home in Wigan.

In a statement read in court, Belshaw’s mother said she saw Wadsworth in May.

He said it “looked weird, like he was up to something.”

The mother said she was told that Wadsworth had “grabbed Mrs. Belshaw by the neck” and “threw Lucozade over her head”.

“I was a little worried, but Melissa said it was fine,” she said.

After Ms. Belshaw’s death, Wadsworth is also accused of sticking a knife into her 13-year-old daughter’s throat and threatening to kill her before attempting to kill a man down the street.

The jury learned that Wadsworth was sentenced to prison in November 2011, from which he was released in November 2017.

They were told that he had been jailed last January and released on March 4 in an “approved probation” facility.

Wadsworth of Cranfield Road in Wigan denies murder, attempted murder and death threats.

The trial will continue next week.

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