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Andrew Wrigglesworth

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  • Andrew Wrigglesworth screamed ‘I’m going to fuck her’ before the attack
  • I had an argument with the band at the party at the Moorlands Working Men’s Club
  • Convicted of six assassination attempts in the attack last December

A handsome factory worker has been jailed for 30 years today for trying to kill six of his colleagues by putting them in his car after a fight at the Christmas party.

Andrew Wrigglesworth of Birstall, West Yorkshire, deliberately led his colleagues into a “gruesome” and “unimaginable” attack at the wheel of his red Audi A4.

Incident Details

The 50-year-old yelled “I’m going to screw her” and “run over her” before joining the group, leaving you with permanent brain damage.

On December 22 of last year, employees hosted a Christmas party at the Cleckheaton Moorlands Workers Club.

However, by final orders there was an argument and Wrigglesworth was slapped in a fight.

Furious, Wrigglesworth ran to his Audi and threatened to kill his colleagues.

He then walked down the sidewalk and voluntarily surrendered to the six men on Bradford Road. One of the six men, 43, suffered life-changing injuries.

The other five men were also injured and some fainted.

Wrigglesworth did not stop at the scene, but set off at high speed and with a broken windshield.

He was later arrested at his home in Birstall.

After a seven-day trial at Leeds Crown Court, he was convicted of six assassination attempts in August.

Attorney Dafydd Enoch

Attorney Dafydd Enoch QC said Wrigglesworth was driving the victims from behind at more than 34 mph.

Mr. Enoch said: “He said he did not know what had happened. He described it all as an “unfortunate accident.”

Abdul Iqbal QC mitigation for Wrigglesworth initially had good intentions in the workers club parking lot after the Christmas party.

Iqbal said Wrigglesworth was helping two women who claimed to have been physically assaulted.

But he had a verbal argument that resulted in him being hit or pushed, which made him “angry.”

Mr. Iqbal described Wrigglesworth as a “good father” who worked hard to raise his children and said the attacks were “atypical”.

Wrigglesworth has been banned from driving for life.

Wrigglesworth was sentenced to 30 years in prison for six assassination attempts.

He will serve two-thirds of the sentence before being acquitted.

Judge Tom Bayliss Decision

In the decision, Judge Tom Bayliss told QC that there had been a “fight” in the parking lot that Wrigglesworth was involved in.

In this fight, someone beat the defendant and made his nose bleed. This “infuriated him” and led him to violence.

The judge said he wanted revenge for being beaten and it was deliberate.

Outside the courtroom, Investigative Inspector Andrew Cass of the Homicide and General Investigation Team, the lead investigator on the case, said:

“It was an absolutely terrible crime and we applaud the sentence given to Wrigglesworth today.

“It is difficult to imagine someone attempting such a heinous and brutal act, especially against their colleagues.

“His actions resulted in six men literally broken and one man suffering injuries that will remain with him for the rest of his life.

He added: “A Wrigglesworth jury found that he attempted to kill his six victims on Christmas Eve and we have no doubt that such an outcome must have been his intention to do what he did.” Finished.

“He never showed remorse for his actions that night, but I hope the long sentence he now faces brings some comfort to his victims.

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