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Angela Conijn

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A Female MAGA fan was arrested for the murder of a woman in an alleged dispute over a Republican cartel in his backyard.

Kamran Cohee, 32, of Arlington, Washington, died after being shot in the head, the Skagit County Coroner’s Office said.

An online fundraiser for Cohee’s funeral claims Kamran was enjoying the snow on Saturday, February 13 when she was involved in a [alleged] dispute over a political sign in a courtyard.

“Meanwhile, the other side would [presumably] have started shooting Kamran and his friend. Kamran was hit. ”

Suspect Charged

According to information about the Skagit County Prison reservation, Angela Conijn, 55, was charged with second degree murder.

The Skagit County Sheriff’s Office was called to Angela Conijn home on Big Lake Road at around 5:25 pm for reports of a fight, says Fox 10 News.

One man reported that his friend Kamran Cohee was shot dead.

They found her dead in the driveway.

Court documents show that Angela Conijn husband, John Conijn, 58, told investigators he saw a car in his driveway “and believed someone had stolen her political poster.”

This speech supported Loren Culp, the Republican candidate for Washington governor in the 2020 election, who lost to incumbent Democratic President Jay Inslee.

Sheriff Chad Clark told King 5 News that force is being used to receive complaints about political cartels.

He said, “They come and go every election year. We get calls like this, but not at this point when there are gunshots and someone is dead.

“The 58-year-old man who owns the residence is on his way out to find out what’s going on. He confronted the driver of the suspicious vehicle.

“[He ended up] in a fight over the political signal that the man in the vehicle [presumably] was trying to steal.”

Court documents say the two men told investigators they would be fighting outside the home.

Yahoo News, citing the judge’s order, claims that Angela Conijn husband left the house and, according to the driver, began filming or photographing him.

According to court documents, John Conijn was walking out of the house when he saw someone park in his driveway believing he was trying to steal the political sign.

Conijn claimed he was “kicked out of his apartment” and Cohee and the man knocked on his door with a wheelbarrow, according to court documents.

But the driver told police he hit Conijn through the open window of his truck, King 5 reports.

Angela Conijn was reportedly later released with a gun, the documents added.

Clark said: “The 55-year-old left the house, [allegedly] fired several shots and the woman who got out of the truck … was beaten and killed.”

Angela is said to have fired, according to police records, “towards the end of the driveway the vehicle was on.”

Cohee was shot in the head while standing between the house and the car, Q13 Fox said.

She was pronounced dead on the spot.

Cohee and Conijn are believed not to have known each other.

John Conijn was released on bail after being charged with assault.

It is not known whether the man driving the truck will be accused of attempting to steal the political poster.

The GoFundMe fundraiser, hosted by Nichole Blades for the deceased’s funeral, reads: “As you can imagine, our family and friends are devastated.

“Many know of Kamran’s struggles and that he rebuilt his life for the better.

“All prayers are welcome and encouraged. We thank you for your patience and kindness in this heartbreaking time.”

On Facebook, Cohee’s sister Kasey Dodge shared her surprise at the sudden death of her brother.

She wrote: “I was not going to release it yet because I am still processing it.

“But my family needs support now. My older sister was killed last night.

“Because it is so fresh in our hearts, give me and my family time to cry. Thanks in advance for all the love and support.”

In response, Laura Taylor Hayward said, “I’m so sorry, Kasey, I pray for you and your family! I lost my precious young cousin the same way.”

The coroner’s report states: “The cause of death was found to be a gunshot wound to the head and the form is listed as homicide.”