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Who is Angelina Khachaturyan (Russian sisters accused of Murder Charges)? Wiki, Bio, Incident details, Investigations and More Facts

Angelina Khachaturyan

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Angelina Khachaturyan, three Russian teenage sisters who are accused of killing their physically and s*xually abusive father are accused by family members of making up the abuse stories.

Charges on Khachaturyan sisters

The explosive charges against the Khachaturyan sisters were raised by her late father’s sister and nephew ahead of their trial, which is due to begin in Moscow on Friday for two of the three sisters.

Naira Khachaturyan, the aunt of Maria, Angelina and Krestina Khachaturyan, also claimed in Andrey Malakhov’s “Let Them Talk” that the sisters conspired to kill their father Mikhail before he planned to emigrate to Israel when all his daughters were 18 years old. were old. according to the Daily Mail.

“They knew that if they got rid of their father, they could live as they wanted,” Khachaturyan said on television. “They wanted to take it out of their lives,” she said.

Mikhail’s nephew Arsen Khachaturyan

Mikhail’s nephew Arsen Khachaturyan added: “S*xual violence, other violence, there was none of that. The girls decided to kill their father, they conspired some time ago. ”

The siblings were 17, 18 and 19 when they fatally attacked their father with a hammer and a kitchen knife when he nodded in their Moscow apartment in July 2018.

Fearing their lives might be in danger, they waited until their father fell asleep before beating and stabbing him in his rocking chair, according to their lawyers.

The Khacharutyan sisters reported the attack to the police and confessed to their role.

Krestina’s lawyer Alexei Liptser said

“The first day we met she said she was better off here in prison than living at home like she was,” Krestina’s lawyer Alexei Liptser said.

In January of last year, the sisters’ claim of years of abuse by their father was confirmed by the prosecutor, who even weighted the murder charges down.

But despite acknowledging the abuse suffered by the trio – which included daily beatings and an engagement in s*xual acts – the prosecutor ultimately insisted that the sisters should be charged with murder.

Naira claimed in his TV interview that medical tests conducted as part of an official investigation revealed that two in three sisters were virgins, contradicting his allegations of s*xual abuse, while the third had a secret friend.

Meanwhile, Arsen said one of the sisters inflicted injuries on the other two on the day of the attack, making it look like his father attacked them first.

The nephew’s claims were leaked from interrogation records, which were checked against CNN by one of the girl’s lawyers, and which actually show the sisters attempted to harm each other for accuse their father before calling the police.

The decision to bring murder charges against her has sparked outrage among domestic violence activists in the country. More than 200,000 people have signed a petition asking the prosecutor to drop the charges.