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Who is Anna Sorokin ( Fake German heiress released from prison ) Wiki, Bio, Details, Information and More Facts

Anna Sorokin

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Sorokin, who used the name Anna Delvey for her cunning, was once a figure on the New York social scene.

Anna Sorokin, a woman who once claimed to be a wealthy German heiress named Anna Delvey to betray friends and banks for tens of thousands of dollars, was released from prison.

After serving nearly four years, she was released Thursday from the Albion correctional facility in upstate New York, the Department of Corrections reported.

In April 2019, Sorokin, 30, was convicted by a jury in Manhattan of four robberies, three robberies, and one attempted robbery. According to the Associated Press, she was acquitted of the grand robbery and attempted a grand robbery.

A month later, New York Judge Diane Kiesel sentenced Sorokin to between four and twelve years in prison and said she was “stunned by the depth of the defendant’s deception.”

Prosecutors said Sorokin convinced friends and businesses to donate their money to fund his lavish lifestyle by falsely claiming that his father was a diplomat or oil lord and that he had more than $ 60 million in assets abroad. .

In one case, she promised a friend a trip to Morocco that paid for all of her expenses, but she left her boyfriend with the $ 62,000 bill, prosecutors said. On another occasion, Sorokin convinced a bank to loan her $ 100,000, which she never paid back.

Sorokin was also accused of falsifying financial records to secure a $ 22 million loan for a private art club that he was about to open.

Sorokin’s lies allowed him to steal about $ 275,000, including a $ 35,400 bill for a flight he chartered to and from Nebraska, prosecutors said.

Before being convicted, Sorokin went to court and said, “I apologize for the mistakes I made.”

Last month, Sorokin paid his victims $ 320,000 in compensation received from Netflix, which acquired the rights to turn his life story into a limited series, the source reported.

As a German citizen, Sorokin is deported to her home country after authorities say she approved her visa.