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Who is Ansel Elgort (Breaks His Silence After Being Accused of S*xually Assaulting)? Wiki, Bio, Incident details, Response, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and More Facts

Ansel Elgort

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Ansel Elgort posted a statement on social media after being charged with s*xual assault.

Twitter user named Gabby

On Friday morning, a Twitter user named Gabby posted a message to her subscribers, where she shared “my story” with the Hollywood actor. In his private message, Gabby said the 26-year-old actor “s*xually assaulted me when I was 17. I killed him two days before my 17th birthday and got his Snapchat.” I think he would see my master. I was just a kid and I was a fan of him. ”

“So when it happened, instead of asking me if I wanted to stop having s*x knowing that it was my first time and that I was crying in pain and that I didn’t want to do it, the only words that came out of her mouth were “we have to break in” “I was not there mentally at the time,” she said. “I dissociated and felt like my mind was gone. I was in shock. I couldn’t go out. I was only 15 kg and 98 kg. It made me think that was how s*x should be. I WAS SO YOUNG AND YOU KNOW IT. ”

AND! The news has reached the Ansel representative for comment and has not yet been received.

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Actor Ansel Elgort broke the silence after accusations of s*xual assaul

However, on Saturday June 20, the actor broke the silence after accusations of s*xual assault.

Speaking to Instagram, Ansel released a statement and wrote, “I was shocked to see the social media posts about me that have been going around for the past 24 hours.”

“I cannot pretend to understand Gabby’s feelings, but her description of the events was simply not what happened,” he said. “I would never assault and never assault anyone. What is true is that in New York, in 2014, at the age of 20, Gabby and I had a brief, legal and totally Unfortunately, I did not manage the separation well. ”

Ansel added that he “had stopped responding to him, which is an immature and cruel thing to do with someone” and that he knew that “these late apologies did not absolve me of my unacceptable behavior when I have disappeared “.

Actor Ansel Elgort concluded his statement

He concluded his statement: “If I remember my attitude, I feel disgusted and deeply ashamed of the way I acted. I am sorry. I know I have to keep thinking, learning and working for grow in empathy. ”

When Gabby shared her experience with Ansel, she also shared a photo that would show messages between her and the actor on December 21, 2014.

“I love you so much. My birthday is tomorrow and you will probably never notice me,” wrote Gabby. An account listed as “AnselElgort” replied: “How did I not notice your kindness? Have a nice day. Snapchat me” itsansolo. “It’s my personal snapchat, so don’t disclose it!”

In her Twitter comments, Gabby also claimed that Ansel “asked me to be naked”

In her Twitter comments, Gabby also claimed that Ansel “asked me to be naked”. She also claims that the Hollywood star, known for her roles in Divergent and The Fault in the Stars, “asked to make a trio with me and one of my” dance friends “”.

“They were a lot of miners and I didn’t tell anyone because he said it could ruin his career.” I spent months wondering what I had done wrong. I was wondering why I felt so used to it, “said Gabby.” Years later, I have PTSD, I have panic attacks, I do therapy. Finally, I’m ready to talk about it and finally heal. ”

As for why she decided to publish now, Gabby says she just wants to heal.

“I’m not posting this for” hunting “because I don’t care,” she shared. “I just want to heal and I want to tell other girls who have had the same problem as me. You’re not alone. It’s too much for me to come here and tell my story. I just don’t want to not post everything. “