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Anthony Blackman

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Anthony Blackman was found guilty after a trial in Leeds Crown Court. The jury found Blackman not guilty of raping the woman and not guilty of other charges of controlling prostitution for profit.

Prosecutors described the victim as vulnerable and claimed that she was the victim of violence and threats from Blackman. The woman was abused for years before informing Blackman of a relationship with a prostitute.

Blackman, 53, of Reginald Terrace, Potternewton, denied any violations, He claimed that it was a woman’s “free choice” to be a prostitute and denied her control.

Blackman also denied the rape allegations and said he did not have s*x with her on one alleged occasion.

Blackman was jailed for two and a half years.

Prosecutor ”Richard Woolfall”

Prosecutor Richard Woolfall read a victim impact statement on the woman’s name in court when Blackman was sentenced yesterday (November 6).

He said: “(Blackman) destroyed my life. I will continue to take antidepressants for life.

“My head is so confused that I cannot face life.

“Just because I’ve been found guilty doesn’t mean I can continue.”

Judge Andrew Stubbs

Commenting on the sentence, Judge Andrew Stubbs QC said: “You are a tall and powerful man with a commanding personality, and I have concluded that you have mastered him.

“I am satisfied and sure that the repeated acts of violence against them are correct.

“If he didn’t do what you wanted, probably tell him

“You treated it like something you came in for.”

The judge praised the efforts of the police officers involved in the case.