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Anthony Wimbley

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The Orange County man, who was part of a team that carried out a series of armed robberies in Southern California cell phone stores, was sentenced to 114 months in prison, the Justice Department said today.

Anthony Wimbley, 28, of Irvine, was convicted Monday by US District Judge Jesus G. Bernal. Wimbley pleaded guilty in September 2020 of a Hobbs Act theft and use of a firearm to promote a violent crime.

Wimbley’s conviction was announced today after a federal jury in Fort Worth, Texas on Wednesday night convicted another member of the Wimbley crew, Edward Eugene Robinson, 49, of Long Beach, on charges of conspiracy aimed at disrupting the theft trafficking Theft trafficking. and two cases where a gun is wielded in a violent crime. Robinson is also being prosecuted in the Wimbley case in Riverside.

According to evidence presented in court

On May 21, 2019, Wimbley robbed an AT&T wireless store in Fullerton with a gun and accompanied by three conspirators, stealing $ 23,339 worth of electronics and cell phones. During the theft, one of the conspirators pointed a gun at the employees’ stomach and forced them to go to the back of the store after saying she was scared, as evidenced by court documents. Police later found the thieves in a parked car and found the gun and stolen goods nearby.

In October 2019, a federal grand jury sued Wimbley, Robinson and four other men on alleged conspiracy to rob cell phone stores in Chino, Fullerton, Long Beach, Victorville and Beaumont. The defendants attacked cell phones that did not contain tracking devices and, according to the indictment, stole a total of $ 191,053 worth of cell phones and electronics and $ 2,434 worth of cash.

Three other defendants in this case: Wimbley’s cousin Robert Wimbley, 28, of Pomona; Wimbley’s brother Darron Wimbley, 29, from Fontana; and Djovonte Lewis, 23, of Pomona, each pleaded guilty in August 2020 of a number of thefts under Hobbs law and a number of firearms in a violent crime. Robert Wimbley was sentenced to 114 months in prison and Darron Wimbley is serving 100 months in federal prison for his crimes. Lewis is expected to be sentenced on April 19th.

The main defendant on the indictment, Aaron Tremmell Hardrick, 33, of Fort Worth, Texas, was also relocated to the northern district of Texas, where crewmembers have committed additional thefts. Hardrick pleaded guilty of Hobbs Law theft and firearms offense, admitted to being stolen in Southern California, and was sentenced to 45 years in prison.

The case has been investigated by the FBI, Redlands Police Department, Rialto Police Department, Glendora Police Department, Riverside County Sheriff’s Department, Chino Police Department, Chino Police Department, and Florida Police. Fullerton, Long Beach Police Department, San Bernardino County Police Department, Beaumont Police Department and Pomona Police Department.

This case was followed up by US assistant attorney Jerry C. Yang, head of the Riverside office, and Peter H. Dahlquist, also of the Riverside office. The US District Attorney for North Texas is providing significant assistance in the prosecution of the Hardrick and Robinson cases, which were handled by US assistant attorneys Matthew Weybrecht and Nancy Larson.