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Who was Ariel Burdett ( Fun X Factor Contestant Found Dead In Bed ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Twitter, Crime, Incident details, Investigations and More Facts

Ariel Burdett

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Ariel Burdett, a candidate for “FUN” X Factor, had died in bed for days after cutting her neck, according to an investigation.

The 38-year-old was a fan favorite on the talent search show after her 2008 audition became an internet sensation.

Ariel, born Amy, changed her name to Ara Amy Starblaze after appearing on the TV show.

She appeared before judges Simon, Cheryl Cole, Dannii Minogue, and Louis Walsh in 2008 and has been viewed millions of times on YouTube since then.

Ariel Burdett Found Dead

But the tragic macaw was found in her bed in her apartment in Leeds, West York. On November 12 of last year, she had been dead for several days.

Pathologist Dr. Lisa Barker discovered that Ara had died from a neck injury and drug toxicity.

The Wakefield Coroner’s Court learned on December 23 that she had previously been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia.

Her friend Keith Kennaugh, an arborist, described Ara as “trusting and funny” and “childish” who was open with her about her mental illness.

Dr. Jamie Pick, Counseling Psychiatrist, said: “Ara was one of those people who was truly memorable.

“She had a strength of character and there was a liveliness about her that people connected with and that they had a real passion for her.

“She was passionate. She was completely independent and wanted to be in control.

Occupational therapist Yvonne Hollings has known Ara for 18 years.

“She was really nice and had strong spiritual beliefs,” Ms. Hollings said.

Ara’s death was “a shock and a shock” for her, and she told the investigation that “it was a shock and I’m quite upset to this day.”

Ms. Hollings visited Ara at her home on October 30 and they enjoyed coffee together at her home.

She “She was getting ready for Halloween, which she called her New Year. She was so laid back and laid back, “she said in the audience.

Coroner’s assistant Sarah Watson noted that Ara was a “round person” who was a “singer” by profession.

Sarah Watson Said?

She said: “Ara Amy Starblaze, formerly Amy Burdett, died of intentional self-harm, the intent of which was unclear at the time, in a context of drug toxicity.”

At the 2008 audition, Ariel took off her tag when she walked into the room and said that she was a “human, not a number.”

She left the judges speechless with her performance, Simon told her, “It was a total and utter nightmare.”

During the hearing, Coronare aide Ms Watson said: “She was not just a name and a number, her family and her psychologists followed her during a risk assessment.

At the time of Ariel’s death, the singer received many honors.

One person wrote on Twitter: “It is really sad to see the death of Ariel Burdett aka the Holistic Voice Coach.

“It has brought so much joy to me and so many people, and we will remember many of us with absolute love.