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Who is Ariel Reed ( Fla. Teacher Accused of S*xually Abused Student ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Crime details, Investigations and More Facts

Ariel Reed

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The 30-year-old teacher from Sebring is s*xually assaulted ten times for alleged s*xual assault on a 15-year-old boy

A 30-year-old Florida high school teacher Ariel Reed was arrested on suspicion of sexually assaulting a 15-year-old student.

Sebring’s Ariel Madden Reed was arrested Friday and charged with 10 s*xual assaults against a victim aged 12 to 18 by a teacher who has custody of the student. This is evident from an affidavit received from PEOPLE.

She was being held in the Highlands County Jail and is being held without commitment.

“If we find out that a teacher is inappropriately involved with a student, he will go to jail,” Scott Dressel, an information officer for the Highlands County Sheriff’s Office, told the local WFLA station. “A 30-year-old woman can’t have a relationship with a 15-year-old, at least not that type of relationship.”

Reed’s husband, Jonathan Patrick Reed, 37, was also arrested Friday. He is accused of interfering with the execution of a search warrant.

“He slammed the door in his face when they wanted to enter,” said Dressel to WFLA. “And he was very uncooperative throughout the process.”

Reed’s husband was released on bail. He and his wife have not yet made a comment. It is not known whether they have hired lawyers to speak on their behalf.

The Highlands County Sheriff’s Department began investigating the case on Wednesday when a school official learned that the student allegedly had inappropriate pictures of Reed on his phone, the sheriff’s department said in a report. Press release.

When asked by investigators, “the boy described several sexual encounters between him and Reed” between November 2020 and earlier this month, the statement said.

Student claim

The student claimed to have had s*x in Reed’s house, sometimes with her husband there, as well as in her car and in her classroom closet, the statement said.

“Seems like this is the last place you’d want to do this kind of thing, it would be in the classroom, but I think your thinking isn’t that clear, if you’re even involved in this type of relationship.” the WFLA.

According to the affidavit, the alleged abuse began in December when Reed escorted the student, sometimes to and from school, the affidavit said.

She said Reed “told her she was attracted to him from day one of school,” the affidavit reads.

The alleged victim said the first time they kissed was “a bit” before the Christmas holidays, when he stopped the car in the middle of the street and made the affidavit of “they kissed”.

Reed allegedly had sex with the student over the Christmas break while he was at his house, the affidavit said.

“I would like to commend the Sebring High School staff for taking immediate action and promptly notifying the School Resource Assistant and Special Victims Unit that they were quick to develop this case,” said the sheriff. Paul Blackman in the statement.

Deputy Superintendent Andrew Lethbridge said in the statement: “We are committed to a safe learning environment in all schools in Highlands County and are shocked and saddened by these allegations.”