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Who is Arkady Aksenov ( Boy, 11, loses both legs after deadly train surfing stunt in bid to become YouTube star goes horribly wrong ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Incident details, Family and More Facts

Arkady Aksenov

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A young boy Arkady Aksenov lost both of his legs after trying to “practice surfing” in an attempt to make him a YouTube star.

Arkady Aksenov Age

Arkady Aksenov, 11, had his limbs sliced ​​off when he fell from a moving Russian freight train and the wheels passed him.

The boys he was with – aged 14 and 12 – ran away and “left him for dead,” says his mother Maria Petrova, who has taken the horror case to the public eye to raise awareness of the acute dangers of a getaway that has become popular despite the treble. dangers.

Her son’s left leg was completely torn off, right down to his buttock.

His right leg was also lost, but the cut was lower.

Arkady miraculously survived thanks to passing train driver Bulat Zhakeev, who broke the rules to shut down his engine, give first aid while avoiding further blood loss, and call emergency services.

The yoga teacher’s furious and heartbreaking social media post is directed to the two boys who she says bullied her son into participating in the murderous activity in St. Petersburg, as well as their parents.

“Boys, you guys who go to the same school as Arkady and pushed him to try surfing and make a video to make YouTube ‘famous’,” she wrote.

“You who threatened to get on that train.” You were two, aged 12 and 14, your names and addresses are of course established.

The eldest is an “experienced” train surfer with his own YouTube channel, it is claimed.

She posted: “They left him injured, bleeding. They didn’t panic, but walked away quietly through the bushes.

“They didn’t try to run towards people so that they could be seen by the crash site.

“They were sure there were no CCTV cameras on the railroad, which is true, and that Arkady would die without saying a word.

“Little idiots! If you had to call for help, you would have been heroes.

“Yes, people would have said it was a shame you started it all, but they would have said well done for not leaving your friend at this horrible hour.”

“You will not be punished for what you have done. By law, you will not be punished for being children and not subject to the law.

“Your parents will not be punished either, because there is no clause in the Criminal Code that sends you to prison for being a bastard and for raising a bastard.”

The angry woman attacked the boys’ parents saying, “You didn’t even call me.”

The mother-of-one is training to become a lawyer, she said.

“Give up, it is obvious that you are a lawyer.”

About the other mother she said, “I wish I could tell you to stop drinking.” But I doubt you’ll ever be sober enough to read my advice.

She told them, “Live with it. I wish that every night a bloodied boy with no legs would come to your nightmares, stretching his arms towards you and begging you for help.

“His fingernails are broken, his fingers are dirty because he was fighting the force of the train, holding on so the train doesn’t pull him completely.”

She watched 58-minute footage of the boy – an avid martial arts fighter before the tragedy – lying near the track in minus 5 ° C cold until the train conductor pulled over “to save the day. my son’s life “.

The driver said, “I noticed a big dark spot out of the corner of my eye, and I thought it was un-snowed ground, when suddenly it moved.

“It was a person who somehow got off the ground and walked away from the track.

He initially thought it was a homeless person who had sought to cross the tracks.

But he said, “When I got closer, I realized it was a boy lying with his face in the pool of his blood.

“He said ‘Help. I’m cold’. What I considered dark land was his blood.

“To say that I was shocked is to say nothing. This story should be heard as widely as possible.

“Kids just don’t realize that a train, even at slow speeds, creates a force that can pull them under.”

The mother went public after watching her son on a respirator for two weeks.

“It’s a miracle he survived so long,” she said.

“I still can’t believe he was sane after what happened to him.

“I didn’t even know about train surfing before this happened.

“The more I read now, the more I feel mortified.”

Detectives working on her case liken this illegal activity to sickening “so-called death groups” who attempt to drive teenagers to suicide, she said.