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Ashlee Sierra Sims Records Own Death on Facebook Live, Wiki, Bio, Incident Details, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and More Facts

Ashlee Sierra Sims

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Ashlee Sierra Sims, a Mississippi woman, has recorded her own death after trying to retrieve her phone from I-55 in Jackson. According to the WLBT news channel, the Jackson Police Department is investigating the incident, which took place around 9 p.m. July 28th.

Heavy contacted Jackson’s police for more details.

Ashlee Sierra Sims was broadcasting live on Facebook

According to the WLBT report, Sims was broadcasting live on Facebook when her phone fell out of the window of the car she was driving on I-55 South near Briarwood Drive in Hinds County.

When she got out of the car to pick up the phone, another vehicle hit her fatally.

You can find the video viewed almost a million times here. Discretion of viewers recommended.

Sims, who seems to be sitting in the driver’s seat of the moving vehicle, sings and raps rapper Finese2tymes’ song “Goin Straight In” in the music video until the phone is taken from his hand and brought to the street. .

The lyrics include: “You play Russian roulette … / Whoever thought I was next / Social media is a mess.”

In the video at about 3:37 am you can hear Sims saying that she is “drunk like a mother *****”.

After the phone is on the move, the clip continues for another five minutes and the “Find My iPhone” app alarm sounds. About a minute after the video ends, there is a scream and thump, followed by a screech of tires, car horns, and repeated screams until the video ends.

Sims was a mother of two, according to her Facebook page

The Sims Facebook page says she was originally from Chicago but is based in Jackson, Mississippi.

The Facebook Live video is still on her account, which was thought of as a “memory of Ashlee Sierra Sims”.

Facebook biography

In his Facebook biography it says: “MommyOf2, HALF BLK HALF SAVAGE. I can not be connected to the wrong one !!! “”

She used a frame for one of her Facebook photos that said, “I can’t stay at home. I am an essential worker. “”

Her Facebook page contains photos of her children with frames “I love my children” and articles about their children’s upcoming birthdays.

In an article, she explains that her children were born on August 4 and 27, respectively.

On July 28, she discussed an upcoming Spiderman and Unicorn party that she was planning for her children and wrote “Ashton and Zari 5th and 7th BIRTHDAY PARTY GONE LITTY !!!” I said Yama Mama has forever ♾ 2 parts in 1 hell YEAHHHHH ITS UPPPPPPPP! The unicorns and the spider humans are fully effective. “”

She also posted photos of family events, including her cousin’s birthday party. “Many thanks to my sister Shetogie Sims for decorating FOR ME LIL COUSIN BABY COUSIN SHOWER Soufside Bri !!! MAGNIFICENT SOUND AF ”

In another July post, Sims wrote: “I am physically here, but my mind is blocked and OTHERWISE! THE MAN BEHIND THIS SMILE IS ANGER, RAGE, INJURY, FRUSTRATION, IMPIDITY AND NOT GOOD. I only need you, sir!