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Who is Asif Wattoo ( Ban Trophy Hunting Book reveal Asif Wattoo posing with a dead giraffe ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Education, Incident details, Career, Arrest, Investigation and More Facts

Asif Wattoo

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Abigail Day, a lawyer trained at CAMBRIDGE has been named one of the finest big game hunters including Asif Wattoo who has killed dozens of animals including lions and rhinos.

Abigail Day received more than 20 awards

Abigail Day has received more than 20 awards from Safari Club International, an American hunting organization whose London chapter she founded in 2006.

The firm’s attorney is one of only two living British hunters known to have received the club’s “African Big 5” award for killing a lion, elephant, leopard, rhino and Cape buffalo The telegraph.

His commitment to big game hunting around the world is revealed in a new book, Trophy Leaks, by Eduardo Goncalves, founder of the campaign to ban trophy hunting.

Book also reveals Asif Wattoo

The book also reveals Asif Wattoo, a Thames Water manager who hunted zebras and posed with giraffe carcasses while traveling to France, Pakistan and South Africa, the star reports.

Ms. Day, who graduated from law school in 1987, has hunted in at least 36 countries on six continents.

In 2008 he received the Diana Prize from SCI for the best trophy hunter in the world and is now co-chair of the award committee named after the Roman goddess

In 2005 she wrote to The Telegraph defending the “crucial role” that hunting plays in conservation.

“Your reporter never misses an opportunity to turn your readers against trophy hunters and only marginally mentions conservation, although he is obliged to recognize the vital role trophy hunting plays,” she writes.

“If your article succeeds in demonizing trophy hunters, the future of the African lion will be less certain.”

In his house in West London, busts of two oryxes are said to hang on the walls of his front room, their horns almost touching the ceiling.

Two warthog heads protruded from the wall on either side of a mirror, and on the mantelpiece is a large, stuffed cat, possibly a leopard.

She declined to comment on the contents of the book.

“There is no other Brit who is so deeply rooted in global industry,” said Goncalves.

“Seeing his list of awards was amazing.”

Mr. Wattoo takes regular hunting trips with the South African company Umlilo Safaris, which offers canned lion hunts and shooting trips where you can hunt rhinos, elephants, leopards, hippos and l ‘antelope.

Canned hunting involves killing captive-bred wildlife in small enclosures and is most commonly associated with hunting lion trophies.

On Facebook he wrote about one of his hunts with the company: “The ram parted, so hit him back a bit, but the bullet came out of the neck so you can imagine. how much he parted … and let go.

In another article he talks about his hunt for the “perfect” head of a guinea pig, a type of African antelope.Abigail Day Asif Wattoo

“I could have shot him at 80m, but I wanted my first animal to be a symmetrical / pictured trophy,” he said.

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