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Who is Audrey Hingston ( Britain’s oldest woman to be jailed after plot her husband murder ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Family, Crime details, Investigation and More Facts

Audrey Hingston

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  • Audrey Hingston, 81, of Plymouth, was one of Britain’s oldest women.
  • She stabbed her sick husband Eric, 83, to death while she was in bed at home.
  • She organized a home robbery and accused two local men of killing their husbands
  • She genuinely used television for information before she was arrested.

An 81-year-old grandmother who stabbed her sick husband in his sleep had no regrets for accusing two innocent men, a detective said.

Audrey Hingston was jailed for two years in October 2004, aged 81, after stabbing her sick husband in bed.

Audrey Hingston’s confession of manslaughter, not homicide, for reduced liability was accepted by the prosecution in Plymouth Crown Court.

Attorney Martin Meeke QC told the court that in August 2003, Hingston first found two thieves responsible for the murder of Eric Hingston, 83, who he said were in his apartment on Underwood Road, Plympton. , in August 2003, in Devon, he intervened.

He then claimed that her husband committed suicide and that he faked the theft to hide it.

After being charged with her murdering her, she eventually confessed her to her son when she visited her in custody.

She said, “Ok, I killed him. I’ve had enough, he can’t stand his disease anymore and he has to take care of himself. ‘

Judge Hallett told Hingston it was a “sad day” for a woman her age and origin to stand in the dock after confessing to killing her husband and covering her tracks “calculatedly. and convincing “.

“After covering her tracks of her, she kept track of her for a long time and in great detail,” the judge said.

What she did after killing her husband caused enormous distress to many people and wasted a lot of time with the police, Hingston was told.

The judge added that she was “wrong” to call two men she knew the police as thieves.