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Who is Axel Sidaros? Wiki, Bio, Twitter, Instagram and Many More Facts

Axel Sidaros

Axel Sidaros Wiki Bio

A Canberra driver Axel Sidaros has been convicted of attempted murder, following a tragic collision in the southern part of the city last year, where former President Canberra Comancros lost part of his finger.

Axel Sidaros Age

He is 25 years old.

Axel Sidaros More Facts

The Supreme Court’s jury deliberated for two days, earlier this afternoon in finding 25-year-old Axel Sidaros guilty of seven crimes, including attempted murder and arson.
But the jury on the second domestic shooting after the shooting and shooting allowed Cidaros to take eighth responsibility.
Sidarus was quickly arrested at Melbourne Airport for trying to fly to Abu Dhabi in September last year.
He pleaded guilty to eight counts and was arrested before Chief Judge Helen Morrell.
An exciting video of the attack, recorded on CCTV, was tried during the trial.
This photo shows three gunmen widening the rear fence to enter the back of the former Canberra Comanchero commander in June 2018.
The shooting occurred when two assailants fired on Mr Zdrakovic.
Zardavkovic returned fire but was wounded in exchange for ammunition and lost his finger.
The men then fled while shutting off the fuel tank, while a masked man was trapped in a short fire.
Police have not charged anyone with the incident.

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