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Aytac Suleyman Dasbudak

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A “jealous” man allegedly pushed his girlfriend onto the roof of a parked car from a second-story window, and she miraculously survived.

Safiye Nur Gurbuz, 24, accused her boyfriend of 10 months of forcing her into a car on the way to work and then accompanied her to a second-floor apartment in southern Turkey’s Antalya province.

The nurse claims that 32-year-old Aytac Suleyman Dasbudak beat her in her apartment last Saturday and pushed her out of her window as he ran towards her screaming.

Ms. Gurbuz said: “I didn’t know there was a car downstairs when he pushed me out the window. If I had fallen on concrete, not a car, I would already be dead.”

After landing, Dasbudak rushed her back to her apartment, local media reported HaberTurk. But too many witnesses had already gathered there.

Dasbudak, a car dealership owner, allegedly hit his head on the sidewalk several times to make it appear that he too had fallen out with Ms Gurbuz.

However, the police became suspicious when they realized that only one body had fallen into the car and they arrested Dasbudak.

Ms. Gurbuz was taken to the hospital where doctors saved her life, but she is still recovering from a broken back, a broken hand and leg.

“I’m sure he would kill me if he was released from jail,” she said.

The couple took a bad turn in the last three months of their relationship when Dasbudak appeared to have turned violent and jealous.

Ms. Gurbuz said: “He [Dasbudak] has inflicted violence on me several times in the past. Every time he reported an attack and I complained, he didn’t help.

He was adamant, calling my family and friends, and threatening serious consequences if I didn’t get back to him. But it is not love, it is an obsession, it is a disease.

“Women should not be afraid to say that they are exposed to violence. I am not afraid because I do not want to die.

Turkish police and authorities are still investigating.