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Azra Kemal

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The devastated mother of a law graduate Azra Kemal who plunged 40 feet off a bridge while desperately seeking help after her car caught fire today said her daughter begged rescuers: “ Please don’t let me die. ”

Azra Kemal Age

She was 24 years old.

Azra Kemal slid through a 10-foot-wide void between two lanes on a highway bridge

Azra Kemal slid through a 10-foot-wide void between two lanes on a highway bridge while escaping from a burning car on the A21 on Thursday.

She crossed the barriers in the dark, thinking that there was a central reserve between the lanes before she fell to her death.

Azra’s mother Nevres Kemal

Fighting tears, Azra’s mother Nevres Kemal, 56, revealed today that her North London home is empty without her only child.

Speaking in Whetstone, the social worker – who spoke out against child care deficiencies in Haringey before Baby P’s death in 2007 – said: “There is no life at home.

“She was really and truly the air I breathe. It’s all I live for, for her. I’m in total shock. I do not know what to say.

“She had friends from the north, the south, the east and the west. She didn’t have a postcode. She closed that gap. She is welcome. She was so generous, so bright and ardent.

“What I heard from all of her friends is that Azra would give love and try to help. She was not an angel, but she had that quality.

“There were no judgment bones in his body.

“She was my world. I can’t cry anymore. She loved me and I loved her. She was a beautiful soul. She always said,” I am an old soul. ”

“Thursday morning, around 10 am, two policemen arrived at the door and I knew, and they said his name, I said his name and they told me his death.

“She was driving the A21 with friends in the car. They were switching pilots. She called around 2:30 am to tell me something, that she was coming back.

“ I went down the stairs and knew she wasn’t coming home and couldn’t call back. There was a problem with the car and she started smoking.

“They got out of the car and walked away from the car. Then it exploded. They were trying to greet people and they also walked through the central reserve.

“It went up and there was no concrete. This reserve was not there. It was dark, so it fell 12 meters to the ground.

“She was still alive. The guy jumped up and couldn’t see her.

‘She said’ don’t leave me here ‘. Fortunately, a licensed nurse was passing by, saw the car and called the paramedics. The accident happened at 2:34 am and she was pronounced dead at 3:20 am.

‘His last words were’ Please don’t let me die ‘.’

Raising My Voice Foundation charity

Kemal, who now runs the Raising My Voice Foundation charity, added: ‘They must have lights or signs. It was God’s will, because in the car he decided to burn there.

“They could have stopped earlier. A car could have stopped and helped.

The London School of Economics law graduate, who was scheduled to start practicing law this year, was returning home after a night out with friends and was in the car with a 31-year-old friend when the engine exploded.

She had called her mother, Nevres Kemal, a few minutes earlier, to tell her that she would be coming home after an evening with her friends.

Azra and her friend got out and tried to reduce traffic on the opposite road for assistance before crossing the barrier and falling 15 meters.

The accident happened around 2:30 pm on Thursday on a two-section bridge – known as the Medway Viaduct. It has a bridge for traffic to the south and a second separate bridge for traffic to London about 10 feet away.

Despite the death of a licensed nurse at the time who called paramedics and her friends’ best efforts to save her, she was pronounced dead at 3:20 pm.

Kent police spokesman said

Kent police spokesman said: “ Detectives investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of a woman who fell from a bridge on the A21 are convinced that there are no circumstances. suspects and are currently preparing a report for the coroner.

“ They say the 24-year-old woman from London fell while looking for help after a car she was traveling on caught fire. ”

The 31-year-old was first arrested at the scene, while police found out what had happened. But he has already been released without charge.

Police officers are currently preparing a report for the coroner and asking drivers to report.