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Bampumim Teixeira

Bampumim Teixeira Wiki Bio

A Boston jury will discuss Tuesday the fate of a former janitor Bampumim Teixeira accused of mortally killing two anesthesiologists when the sentenced couple distributed desperate calls and text messages for a rescue that arrived too late to save them.

Bampumim Teixeira, 33, is charged with first degree murder, armed robbery and the abduction of anesthetist Richard Field (49) and Lina Bolanos (38) in May 2017. Teixeira is from West Africa and the United States in 2010 tells a different story.

Richard Field and his fiancée Lina Bolanos

Teixeira told the police that he had an affair with Bolanos and that he was with her in the couple’s penthouse when Field returned on the day of the killings. Last week, Teixeira said in a memorandum to the jury that an angry Field Bolanos had killed and that he, Teixeira, had killed Field to defend himself.
Defense lawyer Steven Sack did not call witnesses and told the jury on Monday in final argument that the prosecution did not prove Teixeira’s murder: “I never told you did not kill Richard Field because he did it “Sack told the jury his final statement. “He killed him in self-defense, and it’s not a murder.”

Attorney John Pappas rejected Teixeira’s statement as “totally absurd”.

Bolanos and Field made several emergency calls, but never spoke to dispatchers, who eventually ignored the calls. Field finally sent confused texts to a friend, Matthias Heidenreich: “Call 111. Gun Man In House Pls Nw Eriou Erious Serious.”

Heidenreich said he saw the texts about 30 minutes later and immediately called the building’s reception and the emergency call. Officer Scott MacIsaac responded at the scene and said he shot Teixeira because the suspect appeared to have a gun in his hand.

Teixeira was arrested outside the condominium. The agents said they found jewelry bags, a carving knife, a replica weapon and other items. Detective Sean Wallace testified that Teixeira told the police officer who was arresting him, “You are going to die” and “They killed my wife”.

The couple’s bodies were found, their hands tied in a pool of blood. The words “He killed my wife” and “Damping” were scribbled on the walls of the couple’s house.

When Teixeira was questioned by the police about imperfections, he made no statement. Pappas told the jury that the evidence against Teixeira was “overwhelming”.
Sack had a simple appeal to the jury: “Sometimes the truth is the hardest thing to believe.”

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