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Who is Bekah Martinez ( Woman s*xually assaulted while on a walk with kids ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Crime, Incident details, Investigations and More Facts

Bekah Martinez

Bekah Martinez Biography                                         Bekah Martinez Wiki

Bekah Martinez, a graduate student, recently announced that she and her children were s*xually assaulted on the street on Friday.

The season 22 student took to Instagram to share the experience and identify a teenager as the culprit.

“I was going out for a walk, I looked like this, hugging my sleeping baby and holding my baby’s hand when a teenager climbed up my ass and grabbed him.

Bekah Martinez Age

The photo shows Martinez, 26, in a long-sleeved shirt and brown shorts. She shares her two-year-old daughter Ruth and hers nine-month-old son Frankie with her boyfriend Grayston Leonard.

“I felt completely helpless when I yelled at him, ‘This is NOT OK. WTF not right for you? She continued. “I wanted to chase him off the skateboard. Hit him on the back. Do anything, anything to make him understand that what he did was so wrong.

“Ruth was so shocked. She kept repeating in her 2-year-old voice: “Are you okay, Mom?” I do not feel well. I’m upset. ”

Martinez then explained her displeasure at the perpetrators’ behavior, as she felt brave enough to take the plunge in broad daylight while she was with her family. She also revealed that she had a similar experience when she was 21 years old.

“I remember being alone on the beach when I was 21 when a man came up to me with his penis in his hand. At that time I also felt powerless. I hate it. I hate that this is the world my daughter will grow up in. “”

“I don’t care what you have to do to teach your children to respect those around them. I threatened to cut their eggs and fuck them, “she continued.” But I hate knowing that there are predators on every corner, on every corner. And the world will always be dangerous for women “”.

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