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Who was Belen San Roman ( Cop kills herself and leaves suicide note apologizing to her kids ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Incident details, Family, Death Cause, Arrest, Investigations and More Facts

Belen San Roman

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A COP Belen San Roman committed suicide and left a suicide note for her children after an ex-boyfriend posted vengeful porn of her online.

Belen San Roman Age

Belen San Roman, 26, a mother of two, committed suicide at her home on November 30 in Bragado, Argentina.

She died in hospital after fighting for her life for four days.

In a letter to her family, she gave her cell phone password, apparently hoping to lead authorities to her ex-boyfriend, who is now in detention.

Tobias Villarruel is said to have posted revenge pornographic videos on the internet, which led to San Roman being investigated by Internal Affairs.

His family claim that they committed suicide because of the footage released and the authorities’ subsequent investigation into their behavior.

The policeman’s mother, Graciela Alvarez, said on social media that Villarruel leaked the sensitive footage to “harass” and “threaten” San Roman, which ultimately “led to her taking her own life”.

The victim’s cousin, Jorge San Roman, also announced that the leaked images undoubtedly caused his death and that the justice system needs more laws to protect people in their stead.

It is not known if the ex-boyfriend has been formally charged with anything, or if authorities are considering securing a conviction.

Revenge Porn was included in Argentina’s penal code a few years ago.

If a person is found guilty of unlawfully disclosing sensitive material without their consent, they can be jailed for six months to two years.

However, the prison sentence can be between one and three years in case of aggravating circumstances, for example B. if it is established that the suspect was with the victim, or if this happened for financial reasons.

San Roman is said to be the mother of two children, aged eight and two.

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