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Who is Benjamin Williams Stacey ( He Raped Woman When She Was Drunk ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Incident details, Investigations and More Facts

Benjamin Williams Stacey

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Benjamin Williams Stacey, 25, raped his drunken victim on a couch at home after he passed out, The victim of a raped student described the moment she met him at a party after he raped her on the couch when she passed out.

Benjamin Williams Stacey, 25, was a music student at Cardiff’s Royal Welsh College of Music and Theater when he raped a woman in his home studio in Cathays in 2018.

The attack came after a night in the city center where the victim was extremely drunk after drinking alcohol and smoking cannabis

Williams Stacey took advantage of the woman, who had remained anonymous her entire life, and raped her after she passed out and was alone with her.

The defendant denied the rape, but when asked by the police if he had had sexual relations with the victim, he replied “I don’t know.”

His DNA was later linked to a semen stain on the victim’s underwear and he was found guilty of rape after a trial in Cardiff Crown Court in September.

In a court hearing Thursday, attorney Roger Griffiths read a statement on the implications of self-sacrifice in court

The woman described an incident of rape when she met the defendant at a location during a rugby match between Wales and England.

She said, “I was at the bar and I turned around and Ben was in front of me and I couldn’t believe he was there. Since then, I always looked around the corner when I left.”

The woman also said she saw Williams Stacey when she went out on another occasion and said he appeared to be passing her on purpose.

She added: “(My life) has changed drastically after Ben raped me and I felt betrayed because I couldn’t go out and socialize in the same way after what happened to me.

“I kept in touch with the roommate, so I felt safe, went to my GP and started taking antidepressants.

“The accident had a great impact on my life. I am more nervous about male company in general and I have never felt like this before. It has had a great impact on my mental health.

“He was a very lively person, but I became very reserved and didn’t want to go out at all if I was sexually assaulted. I stopped drinking like I used to because I was afraid of being raped again and I wanted to be in control.

Victim Statement

she could only sleep in her bed and not nap anywhere else because she feared a stranger would enter the room and sexually assault her.

She added: “I felt used and violated by what a man did to me that I did not know personally.

“I have dreamed of Ben’s face and the flashbacks of the incident that would trigger panic attacks, and I wonder why it happened to me.

“I was slowly hurting myself when something went wrong and it took my mind off the thoughts in my head, and I had suicidal thoughts. I’m not sure if I’ll ever get over what happened to me.”

To mitigate this, defense attorney Kevin Seal said his client accepted the jury’s verdict but maintained his innocence.

He also said Williams Stacey had problems in the prison environment and was wrongly classified as a Category A prisoner, which meant he was unable to receive visits or calls.

Court Clerk Paul Hopkins QC said: “It is clear that her behavior had a profound effect on this young woman and she has described how her behavior has influenced her lifestyle.

“It is a sample of the character of this woman who now has more good days than bad and influences her positive attitude.

“You were and are a talented and capable musician who has earned a place at this prestigious university. You had a bright future ahead of you, which you threw away that night with your extremely violent behavior. You wasted this talent.”

Williams Stacey of Cyfartha Street in Roath was sentenced to seven years in prison.

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