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Who was Bethany Nesbitt ( Indiana college student found dead in her dorm room after recovered from COVID symptoms ) Wiki, Bio, Age, COVID, Details, Information and More Facts

Bethany Nesbitt

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  • Bethany Nesbitt, 20, a student at Grace College in Winona Lake, Indiana, died Friday of an arterial blockage in her lungs while in quarantine in her single room.
  • Nesbitt, who suffered from asthma, was rushed to the emergency room a few days before dying after her oxygen saturation level dropped.
  • She tested positive for COVID-19 after carefully donning a mask and distancing herself socially, her brother said.
  • The psychology student told the family that her fever had dropped and that her oxygen levels had returned to normal two days before her death.

An Indiana college student who went to the emergency room with COVID-19 was found dead in her bedroom two days after telling her family her symptoms had disappeared.

Bethany Nesbitt, from Grand Ledge, Michigan, studied psychology at Grace College in Winona Lake, Indiana, and lived alone in a living room on campus.

The body of the 20-year-old was found there on Friday morning

The coroner discovered that Nesbitt, who suffered from asthma, died of a previously undiscovered pulmonary embolism.

The coroner said that while COVID played a role in the death, Nesbitt did not die from the disease.

A pulmonary embolism is a blockage in a pulmonary artery, often caused by a blood clot.

Nesbitt had experienced coronavirus-related symptoms last week and eventually tested positive for COVID-19. However, due to a typo, she never received the results, according to her brother Stephen J. Nesbitt.

She was quarantined alone in her only bedroom, working closely to monitor her oxygen levels due to her asthma.

After Nesbitt’s oxygen saturation dropped on October 26, she was rushed to the emergency room.

But then it seemed like she was on the mend, according to a family statement that her brother, a reporter for The Athletic, posted on Twitter Tuesday.

“On October 28, she told her family that she had not had a fever in 24 hours and that her oxygen levels had returned to normal,” the family said.

The next day, Nesbitt watched Netflix before going to bed. The next morning at 10 she was dead.

Coroner Tony Ciriello

A report by Kosciusko County Coroner Tony Ciriello said: “After a thorough examination and autopsy, the cause of death from a previously undetected pulmonary embolism was determined to be natural.

“Although COVID played a role in the death, it was not caused by COVID.”

“Bethany was the daughter of our family, the youngest of nine siblings,” the family wrote.

She loved Jesus and she loved memes, her brother said. She loved Grace College so much that she risked returning to campus while the pandemic was still ongoing, according to the statement.

Nesbitt was vigilant about social distances and wearing masks, but tested positive, he said.

“We do not speak to create fear, but to encourage others to be very careful if COVID-19 cases continue to increase,” wrote her family.

The statement says she plans to work as a child life specialist, a counselor who has been trained to help children and families cope with illness and injury.

Grace College has issued a statement of mourning for the death of an intelligent and loving student who was due to graduate in May.

“Grace College students, faculty and staff continue to pray for the Nesbitt family and mourn a dear companion and friend, Bethany Nesbitt,” wrote college president Dr. Bill Katip.

“We also work with the family to honor Bethany’s legacy. She will always be remembered for her joyful spirit, love for the Lord and others, and positive impact on campus.

The small evangelical Christian college canceled classes and sporting events for the remainder of the day and held a campus-wide prayer meeting in the afternoon.

Nesbitt’s family started a GoFundMe to launch a memorial scholarship in her honor. By Wednesday, he had raised $ 19,352 of a goal of $ 25,000.

“The next time our family gets together, there will be a free seat at our table, and always after that,” Nesbitt’s family wrote in the statement.

“This loss is eternal. We ask that you take this virus seriously. And we pray for their health and safety during the Christmas season.

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