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Who was Beverly Cleary ( Beloved Oregon author has died at age 104 ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Details, Information and More Facts

Beverly Cleary

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Beverly Cleary Age

Beverly Cleary, a beloved writer originally from Oregon, has passed away. She was 104 years old.

Ramona Quimby, Henry Huggins and Ralph the Mouse are some of her most famous characters. More than half a century after the publication of her first book, her sales remain high, with over 91 million books sold and counted.

Born Beverly Atlee Bunn, the famous writer of novels for children and young adults, she spent most of her childhood in the Hollywood neighborhood of Northeast Portland. She would go on to make the streets of Klickitat and Tillamook famous in her books.

But she didn’t start writing until much later in her life. She attended the University of California at Berkeley and the University of Washington and worked as a librarian in Yakima, Washington. After settling with her husband Clarence Cleary in Berkeley, California, she pulled out a typewriter to try out her first book.

“I was hoping to write about the maturation of a sensitive woman,” she said in a 2015 interview. “And I waited and waited and I had no idea. And I thought about the boy from the Yakima public library where I had worked in the department of He – he laughed – looked at me quite violently and said: Where are the books about children like us?

Cleary published the first book “Henry Huggins” in 1950. The book introduced Henry, her friends Beezus and Ramona, and the busy life of the children living on Klickitat Street. “Henry Huggins” stands out from other books aimed at young readers who often have a moral lesson and very good children for the main characters.

“When I finished my first book, I had ideas for the second,” she says. “It was just a job I loved. He could do it at home and he didn’t have to take the bus. “”

Cleary has written more than thirty-nine books, including two memoirs, during her decades of career.

“In hindsight, I’ve often said, ‘I’ve had a happy life,’ and generations of kids are happy too, happy to have created the real Beverly Cleary characters,” said Suzanne Murphy, president and editor of HarperCollins Children’s. Books. in a press release announcing the author’s death on Thursday.

Eric Kimmel, children’s author and professor emeritus at Portland State University, called Cleary “the Ernest Hemingway of children’s books.”

“Because her writing is deceptively simple,” Kimmel said. “There isn’t much description in very short sentences. However, there is a lot in every word. And I’ve said it many times, she does more with one sentence than many writers with a whole chapter. “”

Cleary has received countless awards over the course of her long life, including a National Medal of Arts, various Newbery Awards, and was named a Living Legend by the Library of Congress in 2000.

“The books you wrote in the 1950s are still read and loved by people, I think, just as they were then. And it’s extraordinary, “said David Reuther, who was senior vice president and editor of Morrow Junior Books before retiring.” There are very few people who have books like this. ”

Reuther was Cleary’s editor for 16 years.

More than 91 million copies of her books have been sold in over twenty countries and fourteen languages. And many of her stories have been adapted for television and film.

Beverly Cleary died of her husband Clarence Cleary and left behind her two children Malcolm and Marianne, three grandchildren and a great-grandson.

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