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Who was accused in the Murder of Bianca Devins? Bianca Devins Biography, Age, Her Murderer Biography, Age, Causes of Her Murder, Social Media and Her Goal

Bianca Devins

Bianca Devins Biography – Wiki

Kim Devins, whose  daughter Bianca Devins was murdered by Brandon Clark last summer, said she had relieved her daughter’s murderer, who pleaded guilty this week, and her family did not have to sit on a trail.

“Although we have closed the case, I don’t think we will ever have a degree when it comes to losing Bianca,” she said in an interview with | The Post Standard.

Bianca Devins- Age

She was 17 years old.

Bianca Devins- Her Murderer Brandon Clark

22-year-old Clark from Cicero pleaded guilty to a second-degree murder on Monday at the Oneida District Court. It is believed that he will receive the maximum sentence of 25 years in life. He was due to go to court later this month.

How Bianca Devins Was Murdered?

Clark cut the divines’ throats on July 14th in Utica and then posted bloody photos of her online. He then attempted suicide and took a selfie on the body, the police said.

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Bianca Devins Murder Photo was shared on Social Media

The photos were shared online and published on many social media platforms. The murder triggered a firestorm on the Internet and made headlines worldwide.

Devins said she and other family members will make statements when Clark is convicted in Oneida County Court on April 6. She said she would do her best to ensure that he never gets out of prison on parole.

“We want the judge to know how much (Clark) has taken from our family and how his actions have affected us and so many others,” she said this week. “We will never be the same again.”

“This is our life now and we have to live this life without Bianca,” she said. “And we still have to deal with all the terrible photos on the Internet and the harassment of our family that caused those pictures.”

Instagram Have Change its Policy after the Murder of Bianca Devins

After the murder, some people sent Bianca’s photos to the family. Devins and his family worked with representative Anthony Brindisi to ensure that social media platforms take such photos and change their policies. In response to this case, Instagram has now changed its privacy policy.

Devins said she wanted to focus on her beautiful daughter’s life, not how she was killed.

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Bianca Devins; Mother’s Goal

She said that when the sentence was over, she could concentrate on achieving her daughter’s goals and desires. Bianca not only raised donations for mental health problems, but also wanted to travel. She wanted to accompany her mother and sister on a road trip in Los Angeles and now Devins says that she will work to make the trip a reality.

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