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Who is Blake David Hampe (Arrested for stabbing a black Trump supporter in Portland)? Wiki, Bio, Incident details, Arrest, Investigations, Twitter and More Facts

Blake David Hampe

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Blake David Hampe, an Antifa activist and convicted pedophile, was arrested in the early hours of Saturday after stabbing a black Trump supporter in Portland.

Black Rebel on social media

The Trump supporter and conservative, who calls himself Black Rebel on social media, has posted several updates on his condition from the ambulance and hospital. In the Periscope livestream, he alleged that Hampe stalked him and his group of friends for several blocks in Portland before stabbing him.

Black Rebel said Antifa activists denigrated his identity and posted his location on social media and advised each other to “watch out” for him.

“This knife was quite long. He stabbed me to kill me, ”said Black Rebel, who says he spotted Hampe, who was part of an Antifa group who followed his group of friends for several blocks before approaching Hampe for him. ask why he was following them.

“We were all there, four friends, trying to protect ourselves in the best possible way. I thought I would try to defuse it and just have a conversation, ”he said. “I went over there, I said to him, ‘What’s going on buddy?’

Footage of Hampe’s arrest was captured by several photojournalists

Footage of Hampe’s arrest was captured by several photojournalists, including Garrison Davis, who posted a video of the Portland Police Department arresting him.

Blaze photojournalist Elijah Schaffer captured the scenes following Hampe’s arrest. An Antifa activist verbally harassed several police officers at the scene and kicked their vehicles.

“The level of disrespect these rioters have for officials [and] people in general is second to none,” Schaffer observed.

Portland Central Police

Hampe, who was booked into the Portland Central Police District just before 6 a.m. local time, has been charged with felony assault. His bond is set at $ 250,000.

Further investigation into Hampe’s identity reveals that he was previously charged with knowingly possession of child pornography in 2007 by the US District Court in Maine.

During the 2007 arrest, the court document states that US Customs and Border Protection officers who searched his vehicle discovered “a lot of children’s goods,” including sleeping bags, children’s stickers, coins. – children’s clothing, children’s towels with superhero prints, and trading card packs – with 12-15 condoms, lube, camera, cell phone, and laptop.

Hampe, who incriminated himself during the search, said he was evicted from his uncle’s home due to a discovery of child pornography, and that he also stored the illicit material on the personal computer from her mother and had received counseling for her “problem.”

In 2008, Hampe was sentenced to 41 months in prison

In 2008, Hampe was sentenced to 41 months in prison and 10 years of supervised release.

“That’s what you get here in Portland. You cannot have freedom of expression. You can’t be a conservative or have opposing views on Antifa or they’ll try to hunt you down, put some bounties on your ass.

Let’s also not forget that Twitter allows this to happen. There are still messages from Antifa – Rose City Antifa – those mothers ** kers who actively put my number, address, information about me and try to tell me to hunt me down. Twitter openly allows this sh * t. ”

Black Rebel believes the stabbing was politically motivated.