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Who is Brandon Walker ( Man Assaulted by Police Officer While Refused To Wear A Face Mask ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Crime, Incident details, Investigations and More Facts

Brandon Walker

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A Baltimore police officer is indicted after prosecutors beat a man on the floor who refused to wear a face mask at a grocery store.

Prosecutors said Detective Andre Pringle was stationed at a grocery store in West Baltimore that spring when Brandon Walker, 25, entered the store wearing a mask but not covering his face, The Baltimore Sun reports.

Due to the coronavirus, there was a masking order.

Prosecutors say Walker yelled and cursed at Pringle as he carried him out of the store. Once outside, Pringle first shot Walker down, prosecutors said.

Pringle was charged with aggravated battery. Pringle’s attorney, Chaz Ball, declined to speak on behalf of the newspaper.

Walker was charged with several crimes, including resisting arrest and assault. These charges were dropped in November. He pleaded guilty to violating orders in a state of emergency and was released on parole.