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Brendan Mitchell

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The boy, who disappeared after falling into the Harlem River on Saturday afternoon, has been identified as 5-year-old Brendan Mitchell, according to law enforcement sources.

Mitchell was last seen when his brother fell from a tree into the water just before 2:30 p.m. on Randall’s Island and was seen floating and sinking. He is still missing, although relatives and authorities have tried to find him.

“Yesterday they said they were looking for a baby,” said a runner who only mentioned his name, as Stan said Sunday. “Today it seems like they are looking for a body and pushing that stick through the mud like that. It is awful.

The missing boy was near the water at Harlem River Field 7 with his family when he fell into the water.

Mitchell’s parents  Jumped To Save The Boy

Witnesses said Mitchell’s parents and other adults jumped into the river to save the boy, but could not find the young man in the cloudy water.

“I saw a little arm out of the water, that’s all,” Luis Ramos, a nearby soccer coach, told The Post. “The last I saw was an arm sticking out.”

On Sunday, a New York police patrol car searched the boy’s body in the water. Two police officers, one with a six-foot pole, walked along the Bronx’s waterline from the river as firefighters scanned the surface with binoculars.

Resident Edwin Flores said he was taking photos nearby when he saw the baby’s parents get out of the water after trying to save the baby.

“They both jumped into the water,” he added. “Quick. The baby is missing one, two, three. They told me.”

Flores said he was taking pictures of the area almost daily and that the river current was strong and the tide was high when the accident occurred.

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