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Brent Underwood

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A Texas entrepreneur Brent Underwood was forced to quarantine in an abandoned mining town in California with a strange past after being caught in a snowstorm.

Brent Underwood bough Cerro Gordo

Brent Underwood bought Cerro Gordo for $ 1.4 million in 2018, intrigued by his remoteness and his poignant story of killing once a week.

Brent Underwood Age

He is 32 years old.

Brent Underwood visited the 300-hectare property

The 32-year-old visited the 300-hectare property last month in the early days of the US coronavirus block and planned to stay for a week while his usual caretaker went to see the family.
But soon after Underwood arrived, a snowstorm hit and dropped five feet of powder, which prevented him from leaving.

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He is now entering his second month stuck in the dilapidated city about 300 miles outside of Los Angeles and almost 30 miles from the nearest supermarket.

Brent Underwood Absence of Running Water

In the absence of running water, Underwood relies on melted snow to stay hydrated. He has already run out of bread and vegetables, but hopes that he will have enough canned rice and tuna to feed him until the snow thaws – although it is not clear when this will happen.

The townspeople contribute to its incredible experience – the rumored ghosts of the people who died there and a pair of crows that Underwood considered friends.

mining town Cerro Gordo

For most of the two years he owned Cerro Gordo, Underwood visited each month but left the maintenance to his 21-year-old goalkeeper Robert Desmarais.

When the coronavirus pandemic hit the United States last month, Underwood agreed to take care of the city for a week while Desmarais traveled to Arizona to check on his wife.

Her stay was unexpectedly extended when the snowstorm hit.

“When I got out of here, I was wearing a t-shirt and having fun,” Underwood told the New York Post.

“And then it snowed for four days and now there’s no way out.”

While he has a pair of snowshoes at his disposal, Underwood said that they are of little use in the deep snow that borders the steep seven-mile route to the nearest community, and noted that he got tired after a few hundred meters.

And even if he had succeeded so far, it would not be of much help since this community of 35 people does not have a single grocery store.

The nearest town with a grocery store, Lone Pine, is 20 miles away – essentially inaccessible to Underwood on snowshoes. Underwood and his investor friend Jon Bier, owner of public relations agency Jack Taylor PR, bought Cerro Gordo from family owners in July 2018 to make it a tourist attraction.

On his first visit to Underwood, he was immediately impressed by the city’s deep history and the breathtaking landscapes that surround it, which have been featured in major films such as Iron Man.

He was also drawn to the long and bloody history of Cerro Gordo. At its peak in the 19th century, the community of 5,000 was a haven for violent crime because the nearest law enforcement agencies had no difficulty monitoring them given the remote location.

At one point, the city committed an average of one murder a week when miners put sandbags in their bunks to keep stray bullets away at night.

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