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49 Years old Woman died in police custody from natural cause, Wiki, Bio, Age, Incident details, Information and More Facts

Brian Codd

Woman died in custody charged as drug offence

  • woman found dead in police custody.
  • She was arrested on Monday for property and drug offenses.
  • Brian Codd, assistant commissioner for the Queensland Police Department.

Police said a local woman who was found dead in police custody yesterday morning died of natural causes.
The 49-year-old man was found dead around 6 a.m. yesterday at the Brisbane Guard House.
He was arrested on Monday for property and drug offenses and was awaiting transfer to another facility.

Investigator of case 

Brian Codd, assistant commissioner for the Queensland Police Department, said the transfer process could take up to 10 days, which means the amount of time the woman spent in the guardhouse was not unusual.
He appears to be suffering from underlying health problems, but Codd said he was unaware that he was seeking medical treatment.

An independent investigation into the woman’s death is ongoing.

“We look forward to the information you can provide,” said Brian Codd.

“One death is too much for us. It is a tragedy for the family and society.”

He also criticized a “small group of demonstrators” outside the watchtower for their violent and illegal behavior today.

The demonstration took place in response to the woman’s death.

Brian Codd admitted that most protesters were acting peacefully despite violating COVID-19 regulations, but said 18 people were arrested for willful harm, police blockade and roadblocks.

And he warned at the rally that others, including key organizers, could be punished for violating health laws.

“Obviously there are important issues, sensitive issues relating to incarceration rates and deaths in custody that deserve to be debated and debated.” He told me.

“As far as possible, we will continue to enable safe and peaceful meetings on even the most sensitive issues.