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Brian Mearns, 63, received a standing ovation from doctors when he left the unit in Edinburgh, Scotland. His miraculous survival comes after his family was called to the hospital four times to say goodbye.

The father of two was close to the end when the virus devastated his body and he was injured twice by pneumonia. His wife Gillian, 63, and daughters Leah, 37 and Nicola, 33, were allowed to break the sidewalks for visits after doctors feared he had lost their brave battle.

But Brian, who was on a ventilator, repeatedly defied the odds and was removed from intensive care after an astonishing 172 days at Western General in Edinburgh. Leah remembering the family’s six month ordeal and said, “It was hell. You called us four times to say hello.

“It was a roller coaster ride and there were great ups and downs. “The virus has attacked everything from the lungs to the kidneys and has a long way to go. He’s not out of the woods yet.

“But we’re all so relieved he’s still here, especially after losing him almost so many times. “It’s something I never want to try again.”

Brian Mearns fell tragically ill days before his birthday on March 25th. He was tired, delusional, and had back pain, but never a high fever.

Doctors told him

Doctors told him he had a kidney infection and prescribed antibiotics. He was ordered to go to the hospital, where he was driving on March 28th. The next day he was admitted to the intensive care unit.

Family anxiety: Leah shared how the family was first warned on May 7th that Brian might not make it. He said his father, who was previously fit and strong, passed out when they arrived but seemed to realize that his loved ones were there.

Leah added, “It was just about sitting with him and spending time with him. He opened his eyes and looked directly at my mother and shook hands with my sister and me. But he was completely beside himself.

“I’m daddy’s girlfriend, so it was horrible to face the reality that he’s not there.”

UCI team facilities

The UCI team also allowed Brian to play cards when visitors were banned. Leah greeted the hospital staff and said, “I don’t know how we did it, but the ICU staff were very helpful. “You were great with us. You really held him and never let him give up.

“Without her, it would be impossible for Dad to be with us today.” Hospital staff lined the hallway and applauded Brian when he was moved to another room on Wednesday.

They shared the news on Twitter and wrote, “After 172 days, we have welcomed a very special patient. We wish you and your family all the best. You will soon be home with your dogs. “”

Brian said, “I want to thank the wonderful District 20 staff for all the care and compassion I received during my illness.”

He added, “It is thanks to them that I am still alive today.” Brian and his girlfriend Gillian, who are believed to have contracted a mild form of the coronavirus when their husband was first admitted, have rarely separated since they were 14.

They were able to keep in touch via video calls, but Leah revealed that her father didn’t want to talk about his encounter with death. He said, “He didn’t say much. He doesn’t want to think about what happened.

“It’s too annoying for him to believe that he’s been here a few times. “He’s getting excited enough. I asked him what he remembered and he brightened up and changed the subject. “”

Brian’s mental performance was not at all affected by his long stay with a fan. Brian’s loved ones can now visit him for an hour each day and wait for him to return home. Leah added tonight, “It cost him a lot. We’re still a little concerned.


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