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Who was Brian Trotter ( Aspiring rapper’s body in boot of friend’s car ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Incident details, Death Cause, Investigations and More Facts

Brian Trotter

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A missing American rapper Brian Trotter was found dead in the trunk of a car at the tragic end of the rising star’s disappearance.

Brian Trotter Age

Brian Trotter, 25, was missing in Triangle, Virginia and was last picked up by a friend on October 17th.

Trotter’s friend Robert Coltrain, 25, was charged with murder after a body was found in his suitcase Sunday afternoon.

Coltrain had an accident on October 25th, and when the FHP soldiers arrived, they smelled “a bad smell coming from the back of the Silver, 2009 Acura RL”.

The car was towed to a parking lot and when they got there Coltrain told the police he wanted to take things out of the car.

This included a weapon which he admitted to be his own to the police.

The police report said they opened the trunk “because of the bad smell and the presence of insects”.

There they discovered Brian Trotters body, which was wrapped in a piece of cloth and was in an advanced state of decomposition.

A preliminary investigation revealed that he “suffered multiple gunshot wounds to the chest.”

In the homicide department, the defendant allegedly called his sister and apologized for the shooting that he reported to her on October 17th.

Brian Trotter Investigations

Detectives have yet to determine the motive for the murder.

Coltrain has been charged with second degree murder and the illegal transportation of human remains.

Trotter’s father told the Miami Herald that no one could find out what happened.

“Hopefully the police can shed some light on it,” he said.

Brian Trotter, known in the hip hop world as Kent Won’t Stop, was an aspiring rapper in the United States.

The couple have reportedly been friends since high school.

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