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Brinda Kantamaneni

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A bigamistic mother Brinda Kantamaneni of three who tied the knot with her lover and had a baby while married to her first husband of 22 was spared jail.

Brinda Kantamaneni Age

Brinda Kantamaneni, 43, of Guildford, Surrey, hid her relationship and pregnancy with Matthew Hall from her first husband Ravi.

Their homes were only three minutes apart, and she even put a false name on her five-year-old child’s birth certificate with Mr. Hall.

The court said that she has not been able to speak to her two children from her marriage to her first husband for three years.

Kantamaneni, who pleaded guilty to bigamy at an earlier hearing, appeared before Isleworth Crown Court for conviction with Mr. Hall.

The court heard that she was arranged to marry her first husband Ravi in ​​North Carolina, United States, in May 1999, at the age of 20, and that she held a traditional Indian ceremony later that year.

The couple later had a son and daughter, ages 17 and 15, before moving to London, where Ravi works as a director for an international consulting firm.

Ravi asked the court for an injunction against Kantamaneni, but it was denied. At the earlier hearing, it was said that she could face up to seven years in prison for bigamy.

However, during damage control, Judge Hannah Duncan said, “I’m not going to send you to jail.”

The court was told that she had been subjected to emotional and physical abuse and that she was kept in the unhappy marriage by her husband, father and brother.

Prosecutor Olu Phillips, who read out the testimony of the first man’s impact on the victim, said, “Everything is a constant struggle for me.

“My mind is in a constant film of memories. I only live for my children and make sure they have happy, healthy lives.

“I do not trust anybody. My work was influenced. I was forgetful, I keep thinking about why she did this to her own children.

“We don’t deserve any of this. I am in constant need, sadness and pain. ‘

Paul Mylvaganam said to mitigate this: “This case has a long and sad history.

“The case is obviously unusual, but the real sentence has already happened – she has not spoken to her children for three years.

“When divorce proceedings started in 2018, she gave away her Arlington, Virginia home and London home and left without anything in hopes of seeing her children.

“In early 2020, she was reported by her first husband for bigamy. She could have tried to bring her children to justice, but at that point she was scared.

“She wants nothing more than to be able to build bridges and repair the relationship.”

He added, “She is a woman who can hold a family together and she hopes to be a good mother to this young five-year-old.”

After the verdict was pronounced, the judge gave her a 20-day rehabilitation program that was to be completed over two years. Apart from the sacrifice allowance, no costs or compensation were ordered.

She said: “In this case, as a very young woman, you entered into an arranged marriage with the applicant.

“You had two children. The marriage took place in 1999, the first child was born in 2004 and the second child in 2007. You tried to keep the facade up but you knew your marriage was over.

“There was nothing legally preventing you from leaving your first husband. You were perfectly entitled to do so.

“The reason you’re here is because you lied to live the life with a man you are in love with. The fall not only harms the lie, but also harms the sad breakdown of a family.

“You didn’t want to be in your first marriage. They did not want to enter into an arranged marriage and were only 20 years old.

“You have tried to leave your husband several times over the years, but your husband, brother and father have not allowed you to.

“They were subjected to forced control and physical abuse. You have been brought into a position where you can no longer leave.